Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector with Pico Tri-Fold Screen

woot killer

I have jury duty tomorrow and can’t bring any electronic devices with me. C’mon, Woot! How about a bonanza of cupcakes right at midnight central time?

i kinda want to tear one of these things apart and see if it’s possible to hack a brighter LED in, to up the output power. Sadly, at $130 that’s not really an affordable option…

The PT100 showed up on Kids Woot early this morning…

my mouse borked

You can bring stuff to the selection pool, just not into a courtroom. At least thats how it works for me.

Could this be used for a PowerPoint presentation? If it kept me from lugging around a real projector I’d be in.

Got HORRiBLE Reviews back from 2009 on AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/accessories/B002DB10SA

Low light, bad quality picture, not worth getting unless this is just a fun $100+ toy to show off what it does.

Only saving about $20 off retail. I would only pay $30-$40 total for this as a novelty item. (SKIP! outdated budget JUNK)

Has a tendency to ‘lose details’ in dark areas, and it’s got a ‘rainbow effect’ which is annoying. And the speakers are very poor. But overall they are happy with the quality of the image (for around 25" images in a totally dark room, or a 15" image in typical ambient light).

sorry for ya, next time you need to ACT CRAzY with cRAZY aNSWeRS to get out of it! :> jury duty can be long and borring along with the risk on the crimnal some how finding out who you are & come to get you.

Who on Idaho needs three? What’s there to project on Idaho. Potato crop presentations?

Why not just cart a 16.5" diagonal screen around with you?


  1. Look up in the community link above to see if the bag has come (it hasn’t).
  2. Yes, this is going to in all likelihood go at least 2 days.
  3. IF they stay predictable, bag (and they (almost) always offer it if the woot goes more than a day) comes between 3:30-6:30 p.m. eastern time (if there’s any doubt, “look it up” over the past 2 years or so). I’m not saying the bag is coming on August 17, I’m just giving the time range.

Again, I say “IF”, but the definition of predictable applies here. If you’re looking for bargains at this hour, it may be worth staying up. If you’re only looking for the bag, the odds aren’t with you (the last times they offered one at midinight central was the anniversary game last month, and Christmas day last year that I can recall–not traditional woot-offs).

In for 1 ! Let’s hope it’s what I’m expecting. Not HD-like quality but definitely better than a SD TV ? crosses fingers

Yes NO BAG or Monkey = 2 DAYS :>

For folks who want to see this in action, here’s a video demo: