Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector

anyone use one of these? Worth while?

That new specs table is a nice touch…

I wonder how bright this thing is?

Is this mac compatible?

How does this rate compared to other pocket projectors? Does the LED lamp source make it better for longevity and brightness?

Froogle me…

209.99 at Amazon, 2.5 stars

Reviews are decent at best:

But this one is considerably cheaper than on Amazon

VERY interesting… About to pull trigger, but need previous user input first!!!


After reading all the reviews…

A GREAT price, for an interesting device, that does not live up to its claims. Sorry Charlie!

love the specs shown… hope that stays around…

Way tiny…

This is the time I wish “I want one!” meant “Your getting one for free!”.

I spent all my spare cash on a PSP.


Rated at 10 lumens. That’s two orders of magnitude less than traditional LCD projectors. Let’s be polite and say that you need a very dark room to see anything with this.

works with ipod / iphone / ipad ???

10 lumens. Yes, that’s TEN.

Maybe I am dumb and can’t see it but how bright is this projector?

Why would I need my pocket projected?

i wish some one would make a table or chart comparing these to other size projectors,

Yonder is the product website: http://www.optomausa.com/Product_detail.asp?productsubcat=26&productcategory=Pico+Pocket+Projector&product_id=434&itemno=EPPK102