Optoma PK301 Pico Projector

You must have missed the $500 Knives earlier today.

nahman42 bought 3

has there been a bag of crap yet?

Oh good… a 250 projector… that should sell quick…

the knives sold fast. it was the flashlight that took forever

$342 on Amazon w/Shipping and 3.5 Star Reviews


This actually looks like a pretty cool toy. If I had $250 I had to get rid of I’d do it.

Time to cozy up to a nice Bottle O Chardonnay; this will be awhile.

good fellas is on amc

Well, SOMEBODY bought three.

If I had 250 bucks to throw away, I’d probably invest in this thing. It’s a tiny projector that gets 1080i! The neat value is super high to me.

Only problem is: I’d have absolutely no use for it.


Is anyone else having the items flop back and forth… i have had 2 times where i refreshed and saw sold out and a new item… then refreshed again and it went back to the previous item with very few left

Looks like there are way more than 1. First buyer bought 3… and the bar hardly moved. Ugh.
This is a refurb. Just sayin’

see u guys in 20 mins…

And to think I wanted one of those flashlights but they sold out lol.

Got this from a previous woot. I love mine so far but my xbox only gets 480p for output still trying to figure that out. It’s a little fuzzy as well but I’m just putting it on the wall. Looking at screens for it now. Also gets a bit hot but I haven’t had any problems yet. I still manage to win more than lose on Black Ops.

power nap time.

can you guys wake me when it’s over?

here goes another hour wait

No, the memorex blu-ray player took forever. So did the Sansa travel kit.