Optoma PK301 Pico Projector

Common Woot! Give us another 20% and we’ll pick these up to create portable game consoles. I can use that 20% to fabricate a box of some sort to house such portable console unit instead of duct tapes.

gah. i want one of these so bad. i wish someone would just give me one for FREEEE!!!

is this a good buy?

If nothing else, it’s a “good-bye”. :shrug:

I think this will be the woot off killer. Either this or the next projector they sell. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this same unit off their moofi site for a buck cheaper last month.

I know its getting a lot of complaints for 50 lumens, but this thing fits in your pocket. I love it and think the clarity is great, plus you can use it with VGA, HDMI, Composite, Micro SD, and off a USB drive.

gah. i want one of these so bad. i wish someone would just give me one for FREEEE!!!

Of course, buy 3. No, 6. Maybe 9

This would be a great little projector to take camping with you. The small size makes it easy to transport.

At $125 I’d break my chin getting to the gold button. $250 is a little much.

I got in on the pico 102 earlier. If you’re interested in these things purely for the novelty, they don’t disappoint.

Anyone who would give a business presentation on a pico projector doesn’t know enough about technology to be in charge of presentations anyway.

This is more for projecting evil faces onto the blank heads of clown dolls.

Wow, not even 720P this time.


Mine’s an older version, but works well.


What is a “LED light source”? A fancy way of saying “bulb”?

50 lumens is not too bad for LED but won’t bite at $250 for a refurb

I bought one! I’m going to open a Drive-In and charge cars $5 each to watch netflix movies streaming off my neighbors WiFi.

Wnough already. You’ve sold all of these you can. New woot please.