Optoma PlayTime LED Gaming Projector

**Item: **Optoma PlayTime LED Gaming Projector
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Solid reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Check out some additional info over at optomausa.com

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Reviews from Google come in at 3.5 stars (mainly from bestbuy)

Waste of money. DLP chip lasted about 40 hours af use and is now a doorstop.

I’m in the market for a cheap projector that I can use for PowerPoint and other training presentations to my staff at work. I don’t need anything super fancy, just something to project a bigger image for all to see what I’m doing on the computer. Can anyone tell me if this will suffice? Thanks in advance!

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Will this make me better or worse at call of duty? hmm…

This thing won’t work unless the room is pitch dark. Great for movies, not so great for work. Buy a 47 or 55 inch 1080p TV instead. Oh yeah, there’s one or two on Woot right about now! LG refurbs. We just picked up the 47 incher and it’s golden!

I bought one of these from woot! when it previously sold on July 27th, 2011 for $139.99. Mine is still running strong.

This is projector serves its purpose. It will throw up an image in a dimly lit but preferably dark room. It is great for kids as the bulb doesn’t get hot, it has few settings to mess up, you can turn it off and on without a ‘cool down’ period and it is higher quality than most of the ‘toy’ projectors that were released around the same time.

This is great to throw a quick image up on a wall in the kids room for console or classic console gaming and DVD’s look great on it.

Don’t buy this as a primary theater projector, presentation projector, etc.

People will complain about the lumens rating, again for it intended use don’t let this deter you, this puts out a FAR better and brighter picture than most PICO projectors on the market for a much cheaper price.

Did you try to contact Optoma? They are pretty good at offering customers ‘one time out of warranty’ exceptions if you treat them right and are within a reasonable time frame.

Wow! FIFTY whole lumens? All at the same time?

I wouldn’t recommend it for your intended use since your PPT’s are likely created at a minimum of 1280x900. What this means is that they won’t be displayed properly for you. The image will either be clipped/cropped or it will try to force the smaller 4:3 aspect ratio of this projector and all your presentation material will look distorted, such as circles that are now very much ovals.

Try putting your laptop in 800x600 or 1024x768 screen resolution. If the PPT doesn’t have any image distortion, you may be able to get by with this, but ultimately I think the low res of the projector will cause problems.
$100… Caveat emptor.

This is not a presentation projector as has been stated many times before. You can make powerpoint slides scale to fit in this resolution, but the brightness is the real issue as presentation projectors need to be bright and work in even well lit rooms.

DLP blows. It was crap technology before it even came on the market. Anyone else see the “DLP RAINBOW”? My friend had bought a DLP television when they were new and it drove me crazy.

DLP was not crap when it came out, nor is it crap now.

DLP blew away LCD in contrast ratio / details in black and still does on these low end projectors. LCD has caught up and now can product great contrast and truer blacks as well, but DLP has progressed as well. While this unit will not feature a high speed color wheel, most decent to high end DLP projectors will have at least a 4x+ speed color wheel which eliminates rainbows for 99% of the population.

There are still pro’s and cons for both DLP and LCD, neither of them ‘blow’.