Optoma PlayTime LED Gaming Projector

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**Item: **Optoma PlayTime LED Gaming Projector
Price: $79.99
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Despite what is stated in the review, the menus and interfaces are available in English, Francais (French), Deutsche (German, not Dutch), Nederlands (Dutch), Español (Spanish).

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I bought one of these from woot! several years ago. Its still working fine, great to throw a quick image up on a wall in a dark to very dimly lit room. For the price it is good, don’t let the low lumens ratings fool you, it puts out bright enough image for 80" screen in a dark room, better than most pico projectors and a fraction of the cost. DVD’s and casual console gaming work great on it. Perfect for kids as it doesn’t get hot, doesn’t require a cool down period and has very little to mess up in settings.

I got one last time around about a month ago. Paid $99,now I’m in for another at $79.99. Probably should have waited,but you never know. They are going for about $150 on Amazon,so $99 a good deal,but $79.99 even better. You would pay that much or more for a replacement bulb for most projectors. Haven’t had long enough for long term test,but pleased so far. Its small,lightweight and runs cool. Don’t let 50 lumens brightness put you off. Its more than capable and has a fairly clear picture. Mostly using mine for projector effects in my yearly Haunted House,so because of minimal use expect to be using these for years to come. Not to mention LED’s never need replacing and are rated at 20,000 hours of use,which is about 4 hours a day for 13 years.

“854 x 480 native resolution”

htf is that a “gaming” projector?

I was thinking the same thing, but then I remembered the Wii.

Hey, you could always put Super Mario Bros. 3 on it and reenact The Wizard.

I also got one of these from wooot a couple years ago. Not as bright as I would like when your trying to do a larger screen (which for me was over 60inches), but a very useful item to have for the price. I’ve used it more than a few times as a portable projector.

I got one of these on woot a while back. It works great in a dark room. The sound is decent too. Don’t get it expecting a regular projector, think of it as a really well made kids projector.

Warning to anyone thinking of buying this. 75 Lumens is NOTHING. You will need a 100% dark room for you to see this the way its intended. I had an 900 lumens projector and could’t watch tv during the day unless i had blackout curtains. Sunlight washes out the image and you can’t see shit.

Does it work with Pong?

I am thinking about getting this and looping a scary movie with it, projected on my garage or something for Halloween. For this price, it is cheaper than a lot of other decorations.

Or maybe put up a sheet in a window and project a video of a giant eyeball or something, from inside the house. Then from outside it would look like your house has a giant glowing eye.

This + HDMI to VGA convertor (http://www.amazon.com/HDMI-VGA-converter-Audio-Converter/dp/B003O55U8K) + Chromecast would be pretty amazing…

Any thoughts on what this projector would be like for watching movies outside?