Optoma PRO Series 1080p 1300Lm Projector

**Item: **Optoma PRO Series 1080p 1300Lm Projector
Price: $899.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Here is a couple of good reviews, and product manual/additional details.

Wish it was also 3d, most at this price are.

Is the bulb new or since it is refurbished does it come with a used bulb?

Make sure to put this in a nice dark room. At 1300 lumens it is not made to compete with ambient daylight. Your multi-windowed living room will washout the image if you don’t have great curtins/blinds.

The bulb is warrantied for 30 days but will be the bulb that came with the unit originally. Most wooters I’ve heard from have reported low hours on the bulbs in the projectors they’ve gotten from Optoma.

I’d love to have a projector for a deck im building. Is there an indicator telling you how much time is left on a bulb?

So I can “zoom” in on the image and look at the details of the $40 chainsaw - but not the connection panel of the $900 projector?

I guess that’s one way to do it…

A projector with an used bulb with unknown hours of use, at this price… looks like a deal breaker to me

The image has to give hi-res for zooming to do any good - not pixelate. Some art supplied by vendors isn’t hi-res. sorry.

Generally it’s specified as hours used. Each projector will vary. I believe this is a recent model for Optoma so the hours used should be fairly short on these.

The manual linked on the Features tab might answer some of your questions on this. .

I bought the Benq a few months ago, and it’s worked out great. Kind of a leap of faith, but considering the savings and the fact that Optoma replacement bulbs are only $120, this seems like a pretty good deal.

Also, brand new bulbs are only guaranteed for 90 days, so 30 days for a refurb isn’t bad.