Optoma Projector & Speaker System

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Optoma Projector & Speaker System
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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please please ooo woot god! let there only be 1 of these…

This is the least functional and strangest toilet seat I’ve ever seen on home.woot. Wait… where am I?

my buddy Rich is almost as lame as this woot :slight_smile:

and 1 person to buy it…

“F” it, I have been denied BOC four times today and just got screwed out of an “insanity Deal” on NoMoreRack.com. I am leaving so that I can direct 100% of my attention to Swamp People.

YES! This should complete my Apple accessory collection

I just started wondering… How did the Wootalyzer get a quality post, and why doesn’t it have more?

50 lumens would be hard to see in a pitch black room.

Now someone just needs to buy the second one…

No resolution given… Pass.


Froogled, this is a good price for this thing…

One sold…one to go…go on someone make that purchase!!

Looks like the first person bought three.

Ah, looks like you’re right

Not one… Someone was in for 3!!

I tried, sold out with the bar still just under half full afterward.