Optoma PT100 DLP PlayTime Projector

I bought one of these during a previous Woot! off and have to say it well exceeded my expectations as a ‘toy’ budget projector. This is a great little portable projector that I would more compare to a pico projector. While its not as small as most pico projectors it puts out more light and has a good built in speaker. It is great to throw up a DVD movie for a kids room or to connect an old NES, SNES, Genesis for some good retro gaming. It plays moderm games systems well even though it is native 480p.

It will need a very dim lit or completely dark room for best results. There is no zoom or keystone adjustments, in fact there are not many adjustments at all which makes it easy for kids or technically challenged adults to operate. It doesn’t heat up and can be turned on and off without worry of blowing up a lamp.

This model has been replaced with one that has slightly more light output and accepts and HDMI input, but remember the native resolution is not full HD, its DVD resolution.

This is marketed as a toy but is actually a real projector that puts out a better image than pico projectors that cost twice as much.

Here is a review that focuses on using it for playing games.

Here is an unboxing and review.

Finally, the pros at projectorcentral.com reviewed this and put it in their highly recommend projector category, quite a feat considering its price point.

With your expectations in check you will be very happy with this. I love playing my retro-consoles using it.

EDIT: I will also say that I have owned Optoma projectors for the past 15 years. I can vouch that their support and service is top notch, I wouldn’t be too worried about the 90 day warranty on this unit, be nice to them if something goes wrong and they will work with you to get it fixed.

Will it post pictures of Dad too?

No, it has facial recognition and will only project pictures of your mother. :tongue:

Be sure to get a component to VGA adapter! Any device that has component out like DVD players, XBOX 360, PS3 etc. will look much better going into the VGA port than the composite (yellow) video port.

Here is one at monoprice for about $7 with shipping.

Did the Neato not sell enough units that they were converted to projectors?

This thing rocks! for the price it is incredible. I use it daily at my martial arts school during camps to show movies to the kids in the afternoon. I project it on the wall from about 15 feet away and it is pretty clear at about 8’ across. It has been knocked off the ladder i rest it on 2 times and still works good. We have also used this out on our patio hooked up to our roku to stream netflix and off the laptop. It is by no means a High end projector but for the price you cannot beat it. It is difficult to read text on it and it does have to be DARK to see it. But defintly a good unit.

Haha, nice one mike. Now I can’t unsee that.

Anyways, I just came here to say you haven’t played Mario Kart until you’ve played it projected on the big screen. I’m going to sleep on this and consider picking it up in the morning. Definitely seems like a great buy I just don’t know if I wanna be spending friday’s paycheck before I get it.

Edit: Also stopped by to drop off the User Manual
As always, uploaded to google docs for easy viewing.

Another offer which can be shipped only to US. Nonsense.

If you have it connected to a computer and match the resolution text is very easy to read.

Sorry, but only shirt.woot can ship outside the continental US.

I’ve actually found this projector and picked it up at a local Target on sale. It was only $39.99, so I’d say I snagged a pretty good deal.

I’ve set it up against a white wall, about four meters away from the wall. So the size is semi-big, and kinda like a HDTV.

The picture quality was impressive for a $39.99 thing, and I’d say it’s still pretty good for $129.99 as well.

For those thinking about buying, unless you REALLY want a projector, I’d save my money for another Woot! since I found myself not actually using the projector very much.

It doesn’t have HD support, so I just hooked it up with my old Xbox and a DVD player and they work fine.

Sometimes the picture is a bit blurry and I wish it could be a bit sharper but overall, it’s a cool toy to have.

Oh, make sure you have a blank WHITE wall or something. If the wall is painted, the images are tainted, so it’s really bad (seriously).

Optoma makes great projectors…

but 50 lumins, come on, you would have to have room darkening shades and curtains, all doors shut, lights off and anything that produced light unplugged.

Not worth the trouble

I have one of these from a woot last year. It works well, though I wish it was a bit brighter (difficult to see in daylight, hard to see in a partially lighted room). The built-in speaker is decent but not overly loud.

I still use it, mostly on a laptop to display movies in another room of the house when all the kids are over.

I am an art teacher and need something that is MINE to keep in my room. The school has other projectors but I can never get them when I need them. Would this be good enough to use for powerpoints and youtube videos to show a class of 30 kids on a screen in a pretty dark room? Checking the owners manual to see about connections to a laptop now, but thoughts?
Appreciate it!

We’re going camping ~ tent ~ but will have electricity on site. Thinking to hang a white sheet and project from a portable DVD player (like the 9" screen kind) Will this work? Will it be a waste of money? Need all the help you can give me! Thank you! (By the way, I am pretty computer illiterate but have a 14 yr old to help me!) Thanks!

Its not bright like a presentation projector and the resolution is not good for powerpoint. The chances that you will make your powerpoint slides at 480p is low so the images will be scaled down and jagged making the text hard to read etc. You can find a suitable presentation projector for around $300.

What are you smoking Recninja? Target does not sell this model: http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=PT100&category=0|All|matchallpartial|all+categories

I have the same problem.
Even in a close-to-dark room the brightness of the projector is dissapointing, I think even for a $140 projector. How do you return an unsatisfying product to Woot?

I need some help. I bought this projector refurbished on Woot sellout last week, but when it arrived and I started using it, it was not as described. I was in a completely dark room at night, projecting on a white wall and the brightness of the picture was too dim to focus on sometimes. I can’t use this projector if that’s as good as it’s supposed to get - what would be the point of it?
How do I contact Woot about returning an unsatisfying product?