Optoma PT100 DLP PlayTime Projector

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Optoma PT100 DLP PlayTime Projector
$129.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Still two more map pieces. I was hoping the pirates clock (which seems to say 7:45, so 8:45 EDT) announced when it would end, but apparently not. I guess no concession for those of us on the east coast with bed times.

Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, if there ain’t to be 12 bits to find for this map!

Sleep when yer dead, matey!

Hey look, another projector! Coming soon…Projectorwoot! Followed by TabletWoot!

I need the final pieces soon! This concussion won’t allow for the computer much longer.

$135 seems like a lot for a large toy flashlight that projects low-res images… Apparently everyone else thinks so as well.

Awesome for Halloween setups :slight_smile:

Can I use the bulb in this in my Easy Bake Oven?

In other words what does 60 lumens translate to in watts?

Well I stayed up so late I happened to sleep in for a LONG time. So now, I’m good and will stay up late anyway. Thanks, woot!

this is gonna be there until March 2015

Sexy mom home with the stomach flu. Will give nudie photo for full map. LOL.

I have a single LED flashlight that runs on 3 AAA batteries that puts out about that. Compare to a “real” projector that puts out maybe 3000 lumens.

Don’t forget LaptopWoot.

I’ll take you up on that offer. I will send you the map in the morning.

Depends on the light bulb.

Here’s a random 60 lumen flashlight which is 3w.


Well, at 50 lumens - this is at least 3 times brighter than the pico projector that was offered a while ago… still not very bright by many standards…

50 lumens? Seriously? Do you have to light the wick before watching a movie?

For the people thinking this would be great for a home theater, it wouldn’t be. Home theater projectors usually have 1200 lumens or more, this has 50. Lumens are a measure of the output of light. A 50-lumen projector would be difficult to watch in a totally dark room if the image size was larger than the average TV.

The projector manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot by making these low-lumen projectors, because there will be a lot of pissed-off customers that think that all projectors are crap. In reality, good home-theater projectors are awesome. This isn’t one of them.

I’d like a BoC, but not enough to stay up late (and be tired all day tomorrow) for a chance at one, when I’m not sure I’ll clickity click fast enough anyway. Having a job makes it harder to buy things???