Optoma W416 Bright Multimedia WXGA Projector

Optoma W416 Bright Multimedia WXGA Projector

It’s good to see that 8% of the qty 1 projector have sold out.

It broke Woot

I need more deals

Umm… We done?

It’s a woot-off killer deal.

You broke it…

TT We need haaaalp

Release the Shiner Bock!

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Maybe it’s finally time to abandon AWS for BWS. Bubba’s Web Stuffs

Wasn’t it right around this time last woot-off that things locked up?

You mean with the Harry Potter collection? (Which is then eventually relisted for much cheaper.)

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They just want to watch us chat. The more we chat the longer they wait. Doh!

I think they could host Woot on a bunch of those refurbs they have. Surely it would run better than the calculator Woot is hosted on.

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That sounds about right.

They’ve probably gone to lunch.

The Harry Potter box set was played on this projector and now its cursed.

You beat me to it :smile:

Also Woot employees took turns kicking my box before sending it. edit: I bought it at the lower price

Did you have to pay extra for that?!