dontwantaname or smilingjack?

trick question! v8r or kenney.

v8r, he can force-choke the pucker.

halftones or crosshatching?

crosshatching. much harder to do well.

hiddenidentity or secretidentity?


secret santa 1 or secret santa 2?

it’s a secret…spit or swallow?

oops, watermelon seeds, gum, whatever…

spit… don’t want a watermelon growing in my bowels.

Big hybrid or small car?

Hybrid. size doesn’t matter :wink:

opera or broadway musical?

Tough one. I like certain operas (like Mozart’s Cosi fan tutti or Wagner), and hate certain musicals (A Chorus Line comes to mind). But I’ll go with BROADWAY MUSICALS since most of them are pretty good.

Coffee or Tea?


work or goof off?

You need to ask?

GOOF OFF! I’ve got a Ph.D. in goofiness…

sun or swim?

sun. after michael phelps there is no point in swimming.

cake or pie?

pie. gotta have the hot, juicy fruit!

left or right?

Right - down with the commies

bigger pos: sega Saturn , sega Dreamcast

they both were POS…NES was the way to go

dry in or out of tub/shower

in then out

lost or the office


To be or not to be?

not to be, it’s the net so we don’t have to be

dogs or cats?

Dogs. Allergic to cats.

Autumn or fall?


spring or fall?