Ora 4.2 Amp Rapid Charging Dual AC/USB Combo Charging Outlet

Looks like a great product!
Is a GFCI model available?

We do not have that option available at this time. Sorry!

How much energy it uses when nothing is plugged into it?

I would like to install these in our Motorhome, can they be wired to the RV which uses a common and a ground setup?

What color do they come as? Is it a pure white or an off white?

Standard white like you see on white outlets.

Vendor thinks it should work.

Any word on this one? I’d like to see some figures regarding passive drain.

If this were wifi and could turn things on and off remotely I would buy a couple. The price is too high for only usb

I ordered 2 of the 4 pack but only ONE of the 4 pack was sent. Waiting to hear from customer service, but I would say buyer be aware that there may be an issue if you order multiples of the 4 pack.

I’m sorry about that. Our CS will take care of you.

well past the 24 hours that sending an email says I should hear back from CS. I sent another email, soon will file fraud with my CC.

I’m so sorry for the delay. Sometimes CS can be a bit sluggish on the weekends. Also, please be sure to check your Spam folder. Sometimes their responses get tangled up there.