Ora Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet

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Ora Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet
Price: $19.99 - 67.99
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Update 2: These may have esp8266 microcontrollers in them… if so, they are totally programmable for w/e you want, if advanced enough.

Update: People in past purchases claim it works with Echo using the Android/iOS App called “TuyaSmart” and using the “Tuya skill”



------OLD POST------
Everything I’m reading say does not work with Amazon Alexa/Echo. :frowning:

Reviews also say the app sucks.

Past Woot

Yeah, don’t work with Apple home kit, or Alexa, TP-Link and wemo have outlets you can catch on sale around this price. The TP-Link are nicer, but the don’t work with IFTTT, the wemo have gotten better and more reliable than they were and work with IFTTT but are a couple $$ cheaper usually.

I run my whole apartment with Alexa. 10 Hue bulbs, 2 wemo switches, 4 wemo outlets (3 normal 1 insight) and 3 TP-Link outlets.

Both wemo and TP-Link have recently come out with smaller versions also since the units this size make plugging something into the 2nd outlet a pain

I have 2 TP Link outlet switches that are set up to work with IFTTT.

I bought these hoping they’d work with Echo a previous time, and just attempted to get them set up through TuyaSmart and they work perfectly.

  1. Download TuyaSmart from iOS or Android store.
  2. Plug in outlet and hold power button for five seconds until the light starts blinking.
  3. Follow the discovery steps for a Plug in the Tuya app.
  4. Once added, feel free to rename it whatever (lights, fan, etc).
  5. Open Alexa app, go to skills, search for Tuya and enable skill.
  6. Go to the Smart Home menu in Alexa app, Discover Devices, and it should find the outlet no problem and it’ll be good to go!

Current reviews on Amazon are not exactly glowing:


Do these work with Z-wave?

Not sure one can conclude a whole lot from just 2 reviews!!

Especially when one is about the app crashing and the other is complaining that it didn’t do something it never claimed to.

I was all set to buy a couple to play with, but I decided I didn’t want cheap stuff plugged in all the time. Sure, it says UL listed, but is it? I don’t know. The pleasure of playing vs the potential for the house to burn down. Hmmm…

It works with Alexa via the Tuya app and skill. The Tuya app however doesn’t allow you to set schedules to turn on and off lights at specific times like the WeMo and iHomeControl apps I also use for other controls. Tuya supports scenes, but says I don’t have any controls that support scenes.

EDIT: The Tuya app does allow you to turn lights on and off at specific times. There are three selections, Switch, Countdown, and Timer. Badly named, but it turns out the Timer part does set specific times and days, so I have those set now and we’ll see how those go.

What service are you using to trigger them? There is no Kasa or TP-link service

Considering their own forum says no

Ordered 4. Just got them. Setup was really simple.

Thank you! The app that “comes with” these is horribly unhelpful. The TuyaSmart app set up the plugs quickly with instructions that made sense.