Ora Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet

In case of a power outage, do you need to reset the power (hold the power button down for three seconds) or does it automatically come back on once power has been restored? Thanks~!

Bought several bundles of these during a prior sale. Work very well. Yes, if you connect them to your router, you can unplug them and move them around your home and they will stay connected. They also work with Alexa.

Do they work with Google Home?

Are you actually using them with Alexa? If so, what’s your exact setup? Is there a specific skill you needed to add to find them?


Use the tuya smart alexa skill

No need to hold down for 3 seconds (which will actually factory reset them) … instead just use the app or alexa to just turn them back on again… (they dont remeber the prior state)