Ora Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet

does this “smart plug” remember what state it was before a power outage ?

ex. if the smart plug was turned on before the electric outage does or will it remember previous state and turn back on after the outage without having to do it via some IFTTT scripts ?

Yup, it will remember!

AMPERAGE? (kind of import to have left out)

Do these plug-ins work with Google Home Mini? It mentions Alexa but nothing about Google.

Last time i bought a Ora smartplug it used Jinvoo and didn’t restore to last state after power failure.

Is there an actual document that shows that these to actually restore to last power state?

I see that they show a flat screen TV plugged into the smart outlet. I didn’t think that would work due to the electronic switch on the TV. Has anyone been able to make it work with a newer TV?

I wish there would have been a link to the smartphone app you have to use with these. The app is terrible, it runs in the background 24/7 with no way to turn it off. This means that I now have a permanent notification on my phone telling me this app is using up battery. It also requires premissions to your phone dialer in order to work. I have no idea why this app would need access to your phone, but it won’t work at all if you revoke those permissions.

In case these come up again and people search for old comments I thought I’d leave my thoughts. They’re awful. The app is terrible, and I cannot get them (or the app) to work on a 5ghz wi-fi network.

Note if you look on Amazon for reviews there are people who say that an app for Tuya Home Assistant works better than the Ora UCSmart home. I still couldn’t get them to work with my 5ghz network though. I’m tired of wasting my time. I may give them away but I’m not sure I want anyone else to have to struggle with these either. :-/