Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads

I bought the pulsonic head last time they were on here. The heads did not look as good as the pics, nor did they fit. Buyer be ware, these do not work

Did anyone get the precision heads, I was wondering if they worked well and if its worth buying.

I bought the floss action ones. They don’t fit on the brush :\ By that, I mean you can’t push them all the way down. Sometimes it’s wobbly and disconnected. You get what you pay for.

I bought a set on Dealfind.com. Absolute crap from China.

I am disappointed that this shows up on Woots. Woots has always had great products.

I also bought them the first time they appeared here, and I also found that they don’t fit. The first one, after I pushed hard enough to finally get it all the way on, came apart when I tried to pull it off.

Save your money on this one.

I dunno if I want to take a chance, I bought a bunch of knock-off heads from Groupon, and the darn things are worthless. I would get about 3 brushings out of them, then the pin holding the rotating head on would wiggle loose; causing the shaft (the part you see through the little oval hole) to disengage. That means the toothbrush basically vibrates but the head does not oscillate.

Utter crap, burned me on ever buying from Groupon again. I don’t want more of the same, so sorry Woot, I will pass on this one until positive results come in from users who bought these from you.

Maybe next time?

Seems to be a consensus here that these suck. They are really cheap.

I’ll just stick with the Target-brand knock-offs, I guess. Sometimes they are a bit tight, but they work well.

Thanks for all the comments - I almost made the mistake of buying them. But I guess with a price this low it’s too good to be true! I am glad they haven’t gotten rid of the woot! community so far. You all rock \m/\m/

Yeah, they all broke just with 1 to 3 times use. Worthless crap.

Thanks Wooters for saving me $30 on these.
Costco has an 8-pack of heads for about $36 if I recall correctly. I’ll stick with those. Still insanely priced, but much better than the $8 apiece that most stores charge.

Also echoing thanking others for the warning about these. My brain was just gliding along and I was about to buy them thinking woot had come up with some good prices. Good thing I stopped to check the comments!

Not being previously aware of the Target brand knock-offs, I went to their website to take a look. They actually had dismal reviews, as well.

I bought these and they are CRAP!!! Very disappointed with product and woot!

I agree with the disappointment in Woot here. I bought these and complained to woot, who did refund my money. But still, I bought something else I wouldn’t have, but I figured I would get combined shipping and it would all be worth it. So, with these being a dud, I ended up with something I wouldn’t have bought otherwise and wouldn’t have paid the shipping on it’s own. What annoys me the worst is that Woot has it’s ups and downs, but I always felt that this wasn’t a place that sold broken Chinese crap that never worked. I guess I’m most upset to see that NONE of these work, and yet, they’re back on here. Where’s the quality control, Woot!? Where is the love?

Do. Not. Buy.
(bought 2 last time - not good)

Despite all the negatives, I’m trying the Sonic Complete heads. Knowing Woot will stand behind their product led me to this decision…that and the horrendous markup for a ~$2 toothbrush head on any other site. I’ll report my findings. This ought to keep us going for ~3 years if they are good quality.

Do not buy this crap.

I purchased some “compatible” brush heads from Woot before and they are awful.

Woot also does not allow you to return products that are horrible in quality. Learned that the hard way.

I bought many sets of these from another site. As everyone else is saying… they are crap. I will buy the name brand ones from now on because you get what you pay for. I can’t bring myself to throw away the cheap ones I bought, so they just sit in a container in my bathroom closet. :frowning:

Joining the “these are crap crowd”. They do not fit on the base properly and when you are brushing they come off in your mouth.