Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack

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Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Great reviews from Drugstore.com


I’m happy to read these aren’t refurbs.
The line has to be drawn somewhere !

BTW. I have a different model Oral B Pro and I love it. My dentist like Oral B electric brushes better than Sonicare.

I love you guys. I just went to the dentist a couple days ago and I was told to get an electric toothbrush. Now I can get two!

Key word there is “compatible” . That means they aren’t the brand name brush heads.

My apologies, it appears that the PLUS offer actually doesn’t have compatible toothbrush heads for today’s offer.

They are, however, compatible with various other Oral-B Toothbrush models (depending on the offer)

But these “compatible” heads are almost always AWFUL. They start to break down in your mouth and don’t last 10% the time an original head lasts. You also don’t know what kind of raw material those Chinese sweat shops use in these heads.
If these are not genuine heads, I would stay away.

I think I paid about $100 for the Twin pack at Costco. The Deep Sweep brush causes the brush to move in a path perpendicular to the length of the toothbrush, rather than in a circular or vibrating motion. I like it more than my old style electric toothbrush. Note that none of the compatible brush heads are the Deep Sweep style.

Anyone know if it’s possible to replace the battery on this model without doing any soldering. I had an Oral B that was an extreme pain to do battery replacement on.

Time to check out the product page and need replacement heads? Check out Oralb.com

Even if they aren’t the best (looks like they have a new 5000 series Deep Sweep model out), they’re not bottom line electric toothbrushes and for $40 each, it’s a steal.

Also, glad to see these aren’t refurbished, haha.

Since I only have one mouth… am I supposed to double-fist these?

I have been using this brush for a while now. I picked it up right before getting braces. The deep sweep brush is awesome. The battery has lasted years now. I’m pretty sure I paid like $145 from my dentists office. Maybe more.

At this YouTube unboxing video he shows the manual near the very end and it tells him how to remove the battery; it doesn’t mention WHY so it might be a disposal removal but maybe you can see the illustrations… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8td1YB6wr54

Well, I suppose that’s one option…or you could loan or give one to the person who sleeps with you…or keep it until the other one breaks and then you can keep on brushing…

Used to love Oral-B…until they stopped making ultrasonic toothbrushes years ago.

Except the Brush Heads difference, what’s the other difference between WOOT edition with Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean + ProWhite Precision 4000?

Strange for this day/age: Oral B offers a travel case (implying?), but the input charging voltage (110-130 vac) will ONLY work in the US… if you’re considering European charging, during a long trip. you’ll have a problem… Rick Hess

Normally $100 for a toothbrush? I thought Sharper Image closed down.