Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack

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Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack
Price: $79.99
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[MOD: Video is of different model of Deep Sweep.]

I was in CVS the other day looking for new toothbrushes. I’ve been using manual for a while now, and just not satisfied with the results. I couldn’t find a decently priced higher end electric, even a single pack was expensive.
Thank you woot for the two pack that beats tons of other’s single pack prices.

I got this offer the last time it was up, and I love this brush. It’s the second electric I had, replacing my old Phillips with the dying motor and I didn’t realize how crappy that one had become until I got this one. My teeth feel cleaner, my gums aren’t irritated after brushing, and I’m much happier. Also noticed when I went to get replacement heads that they were much cheaper (and in many specialized varieties, although I have no idea how much of a difference there is between them) than my old brush’s.

Moral of the story: if you think it’s time to put your old electric toothbrush out to pasture, you’re almost certainly right.

The only thing I find annoying is that, when the brush beeps at 30 second intervals, it briefly stops brushing. I’ll get used to it, though.

Any chance this is dual voltage?

The specs specifically say 110-130V, and the Oral-B website has one negative review that specifically cites the lack of dual-voltage, so I would have to say no.

Well, that’s because someone decided it took 30 seconds a quadrant to effectively brush our mouths.

Dunno who and just sayin…I have a previous model I love.

I don’t mind the beeping, because that is a good reminder of elapsed time. It’s the fact that the motor has to stop while it beeps that annoys me. “That’s 4 extra seconds I have to brush to get the full 2 minutes now, goshdarnitall!” I mean, seriously.

How is this different from the cheap Sprinbrush that one can get anywhere for $10 or so? The rotation of the tip plus translation of the brush is similar. It was Braun’s oralB that was sold to P&G in the US that led to the Spinbrush products.

Why the big bucks for this?

Bought a set of these a few months ago when woot! first sold them (or at least the first time I noticed them selling them).

We love them! Especially the timer function that insures you’re brushing for as long as you should (I tend not brush as long as I should, and this toothbrush keeps me on track!)

Probably priced much higher due to the 6000 Spinbrush movements per minute vs the Oral-B’s 48,000+ per minute. Also all the other options on the brush no one needs or uses. Don’t know if there are any UNBIASED scientific studies/proof the extra 40K+ movements/spins/vibrations produce any better of a cleaning to justify the higher price. Buy a $10 Spinbrush and if you get good checkups why spend the extra $$$ ??

what a shame that they don’t go up to 220V. people who travel internationally with their toothbrushes for more than a week are out of luck with this one…

If you travel internationally as much as you imply then you would already have a decent set of power jack adapters and a voltage transformer. This is a good brush, I travel with it all the time and the results are very satisfactory.

considering replacing my older Oral-B electric brush - works well but the handle has become permanently grungy over the years. Concerned that this model appears to have been discontinued. The brush head is not the usual round style and wonder if replacement heads will be a problem in the future.

Adapters are a part of life but nobody I know travels with a transformer. The key is to minimize weight and those things are heavy… all laptops are dual voltage there is absolutely no reason to travel with a transformer.

Dual voltage would add unnecessary cost to this product. Most people wouldn’t need it very often, if at all. Just get an adapter.
This is a nice price and the brush works well. Gave the second brush away and they rave about it as well. No regrets.

I will never buy another OralB electric as long as they have that annoying “timer” function that can’t be disabled. My current toothbrush has that and every 30 seconds it pulses on/off/on/off/on/off. ARGH! Makes me want throw it away, but I already bought a supply of heads for it I don’t want to waste. As soon as I go through those, however, in the trash the handle goes and I’ll buy any other brand that doesn’t have that terrible feature.

You might not be able to find one. Someone thought 2 minutes and 30 seconds per quadrant was a good idea, and they’ve all implemented it. Even the one I have, which has spinning heads and is old, stops every 30 seconds.

According to my dentist, the brushes that move back and forth (as this one does) are supposedly better than the brushes that rotate for removing plaque. I don’t know what he’s basing that on.

I’m not sure about the ‘discontinued’ part. The Oral-B website still shows the model 4000. It appears to be almost identical to the model 5000, just missing a couple of minor features.

As for the replacement heads, I know from experience that it uses the same ones as the other Oral-B electrics. The heads that fit the Vitality and 1000 series also fit the 3000, 4000, 5000, and new 7000 model. The ‘deep sweep’ head looks different and it moves in more of a side to side motion, but you can swap it for one of the round spin type heads (I didn’t like the ‘deep sweep’ head much so I swapped it for a spare round head I had for the old Vitality brush I was replacing).