Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack

I wonder if the generic replacement heads I got in my boc will fit this.

With free shipping…better deal at walmart

Its twenty dollars more, how is that cheaper at walmart? shipping is only five dollars at woot which puts it at 85 total, its 99 at Wal-mart

Besides, it’s… Walmart… :smiley:

I have an Oral-B electric brush that I bought back about 10 years ago that is still going strong. Paid a lot of $ back then. I would definitely buy this if I was in the market for an electric.

I bought this the last time it came up on woot and couldn’t be happier. Only used it for a week before my last cleaning and had the best reaction from the hygienist I’ve ever received. Highly recommend it.

Bought one the last time it came here during woot-off. I like a lot. Seems to do a great job cleaning and there is a light feature on it that lets you know if you are pressing to hard with the tooth brush.

The only issue I have found is it tends to throw the toothpaste off the brush from it brushing action. I avoid this by getting the toothpaste frothy before I turn it on. Be sure to shut it off before you take it from your mouth. It will throw frothy toothpaste and spit EVERYWHERE!