Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack

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Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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Anyone actually have one of these? Judging by the two fillings i just had this might be a good idea.

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

I bought a pair of these during a woot off not long ago, and I really love mine so far.

It’s easy to use and gets my teeth feeling so much cleaner than my old manual toothbrush.

I can’t give an opinion as to whether or not it is better than other electric toothbrushes, it is the only one I have ever had, but I really love it.

It beeps and stops for about a second every 30 seconds during use to let you know it’s time to go to the next quadrant, which is really helpful. When I was researching this before buying some people seemed mad about this feature so I was a bit worried. (They made it sound like the toothbrush turned off and you had to turn it back on again, which, nope. It just pauses.) I really like it, it works for me.

It takes a while to charge, but if you charge it once a week (for a day, I usually just plug it in when I brush in the morning and then put it away again the next morning) then you’re all set.

I haven’t had to buy replacement heads yet, so no idea how easily available/affordable they are.

I now have a Braun/Oral-B toothbrush. I used to have a Philips, and liked the action better…but after FIVE MONTHS, the battery failed and Philips told me that batteries were wear items and not covered under warranty.

So take quibbles with a grain of salt…Oral-B’s aren’t totally worthless six months later.

Does anyone know if this is compatible with the regular Pulsonic brush heads. The battery on mine is going out so I need a replacement but I found alot of replacement brush heads when a store was going out of business. I I still have a ton (20+) left and would want to be able to use those.

Yeah thanks woot for letting me pay 10 bucks more during a woot off. A part of me said i should’ve waited. Good buy nonetheless.

[MOD: See my note below]

Specs says :
Voltage: 110-130V, 50-60H / 0.9W

Is this 110-230V 50/60 Hz ? In short compitable with world voltage ? Easier if it does comply when one travels overseas.

I bought one when they were here before (not during the woot-off, before that). I like it. It does pause for like half a second every 30 seconds, which I don’t find irritating but others might. It does get your teeth super clean, even compared to the normal battery-powered kind.

But if you have sensitive teeth, you need to use these in the sensitive setting. I didn’t for the first week, since I figured that a faster speed isn’t going to hurt my teeth, but after a week my teeth were hurting again (even with prescription toothpaste), so I started using the sensitive setting, and now they don’t hurt.

I also like that it lights up red if you press too hard, since I have a problem with that. Pressing too hard doesn’t improve cleaning and wears out your bristles faster, so it’s really useful.

The only downside is that both brushes are the same color, so if you have one for each you and your spouse, you’re going to have to do something so you don’t mix them up. We store ours’ in the cases when we’re done (you’re supposed to remove and dry the brush from the handle after every use to extend its life), so I just used nailpolish to paint a stripe on one of the cases, and a tiny dot on the handle of my brush just in case it’s left out of the case.

How is this better than the low cost SpinBrush that you can buy anywhere?

Besides a few extras like timers, the basic rotating action of the brush tip and oscillating of the rest of the brush is the same as Spinbrush.


The brush pauses to let you know to switch to another location.

Is this 2 rechargeable toothbrushes. The description says twin pack but the picture shows one item

[MOD: Yes, you are getting 2.]

(2) Professional Handles
(2) Deep Sweep Refill Heads
(2) Travel Cases
(2) Charging Stations

Other places have the same voltage note. I did find a reviewer on Costco that said it is not a multi-voltage or world travel charger though.

Yes, you are getting 2:



I bought this twin pack here several months go. I kept one for myself and gave one to my son. We both had the Philips version but his quit, so the Oral-B came just in time. He told me he loved using the Oral-B and I remembered this the next time I had to buy new heads/brushes for my Philips. The price of the new Philips heads (well over $40 for six of them) reminded me to give the Oral-B a chance.

So I did not buy the Philips heads and instead gave the Oral-B a try that evening. Happy I did! It’s on a par with the super expensive Philips and I’m very happy with it.



Hey all. Sorry about the pricing thing. Our dratted competitors dropped their price this week so we had to drop ours. Curse competition!

But never fear, the wonderful Home team has your back and you’ll be getting $10 back if you bought during the Woot-Off last week.

Happy Friday!

I saw the deal last night, and was annoyed. I saw your comment, and I’m now happy and not annoyed. Thank you!

Also… I got 1 defective one… I contacted both Woot! and Oral B support. Oral B got back to me first. They said I could send in the defective one, and wouldn’t need to send in both in package. However… Why am I paying shipping to replace an item I JUST bought. It was defective out of box… Oral B wouldn’t comment on a hookup of replacement heads for compensation for the lameness. Not saying this is any of woot’s fault. Just saying the situation is dumb.

But thanks for the refund!