Oral-B Vitality Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush and Replacement Heads - 2 Pack

Just what I need.

It’s 1 AM and I’ve already gotten laid.

A toothbrush is certainly the last thing on my mind.

Especially 2 of them

New? I was hoping for refurbished… Maybe not.

And that’s what I get for ignoring the description.

Oral hygiene!!!

Just what I always wanted, 2 vibrates, six heads!!! what a fun woot off

Very good deal. I have one and just the replacement heads are about $10-15 a pack on their own. Nice toothbrushes, too.

everything seems to be going electric these days…I have a crest version of these…and I’m hooked… next they need to figure out electric toilet paper.

ehem “Brush yo teeth”

Finally a deal we can sink our teeth into!

Why are the pictures of the packaging in Japanese (or whatever language that is)?

with the electric heated bidet’s you don’t need tp

I’ve been looking for cheap replacement heads for these. Two spare toothbrushes + 2 packs of heads? I’m set for a while now. Thanks woot!

I believe it’s Korean.

I purchased these in a previous Woot-off. Good brushes. Only stopped working when I dropped one of them. Actually not sure if it still worked, but I’m not using a toothbrush that fell on the floor. :wink:

Got mine in the mail yesterday, only it came with one toothbrush and four packs of replacement heads.

Whoops, sorry about the error. Email service@woot.com for assistance.

I received my order today with the same problem - 1 toothbrush and four packs of replacement heads. I will e-mail service@woot.com this morning. Luckily I’ve only been waiting 26 days for delivery.

To be fair, you did provide a military address which does take longer to ship to, but sorry that it took so long and that we carelessly shorted you :frowning:

I know, I know…I was just teasing. Smartpost is slow, but unfortunately most of the delay actually comes at the APO end of the chain.

Thanks for the quick refund for the missing toothbrush, though!