Orange Flashing Lights


In Firefox, the orange flashing lights on the main page rotate a half turn and stop. In IE7, they continuously rotate. I use Firefox.

I want my orange lights to rotate!!!


They do that sometimes, has nothing to do with FF and IE.


Hold down the shift key and click on the refresh button (F5 key will not work). This will force a full refresh of the page.


It’s also good to do that if you think the lights have gone out, because they might not. I use multiple computers to check woot, so. . . .

SB - love the new sig graphic.


sniff I thought this one was over last night, and missed something I wanted because of that!


What did you want, Mr. Star?


Firefox user here, and the lights rotate all the way (unless the page has gone screwy, which it has quite a bit this derby).


My lights stop on FF, too. But Spongebrain’s fix works.

Edit: For a while.