Orange Orange Orange

I’ve been looking for an orange shirt or three, but none of these appeal to me.

I love orange.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for offering Kitty Gratis Remix and Hotcakes Remix on Anvil! I’ve wanted these designs, but don’t like AA. Made my night!

This sidesale needed some sort of foxes included. :stuck_out_tongue: Orange and foxes. Ah well. :slight_smile: Only one I have is the Threadless near-invisible fox one.

Thankyothankyouthankyou for making oh! burned on orange AA! I’ve been wanting to buy this shirt, but due to the new shirt blanks, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting my moneys worth.

Thank you again for putting it on an orange AA blank!


I may need to invest in a What’s Under The Bed backup, it’s one of my favorites. And Neo Australia on a hoodie is nice.

I don’t wear orange well, but I’ll buy to support American Apparel, because they make good quality merchandise not because I’m some American elitist. I root for Haiti at the Olympics.


LOL! Thanks for the chuckle! =)

I was being serious. The blanks that woot mostly uses now are cheap knockoffs of what they were using before. The heyday of shirt.woot is forever gone until they start using all AA shirt blanks again.

I’ll take what I can get. I understand that they need to make money, but I’d rather get noticed again on the t-shirt circuit, than squabble over the shirt blank quality. Not everyone is like me - 500 some t-shirts in my inventory (many in storage bins in my closet so I can search efficiently for a specific one, should I need it or wish to wear a special print.) To me, it’s the design that’s desirable. If the fabric isn’t as choice, I just take more care with that print than one on a sturdier fabric.
If people love the orange, they’ll buy it this week. Believe me, iCarly fans are being alerted as quickly as I can, so they can get it, should they want it.

But if red is more to their liking, people who aren’t as picky about the t-shirt quality will pick it up on the anvils.

Honestly, no amount of me screaming “KEEP THE AA’s” will cause them to keep them in inventory. Many things have changed over the 5 years I’ve been competing at woot. I’m glad they’ve listened to us on some of the more important issues.
But nothing changes over one day, or one month. Maybe the bottom line will change and they can go back to AA. But even I have some nice Anvil prints, and I wear them regularly… and I really wouldn’t change them.

Love orange! Thanks!
(Maybe next time pretty please we’ll see Skatetown?)

Can someone please explain why 'In the World of Black and White" is not available?

It was in a woot off a while ago, but naturally, just for an hour, so I missed it.

Hello, is Neo-Australia printed with plastisol or DTG?

Bought Neo-Australia last time it was offered… It’s probably my favorite shirt now. Tempted to get the hoodie-

Why, oh why is “Oh Burned!” not in a hoodie or full zip version???

… Red is not Orange …

O_o (I is so confused)

My thoughts exactly. I saw the orange sale and got excited, I’m now dissapointed. Orange is my favorite color.

They offered Skatetown a few weeks back, actually.