ORCA 26 Quart Extra Heavy Duty Coolers

Figured one for me, one as an awesome Christmas gift this year.

Bought one on the last woot-off, no blemishes that I can see. MUCH cheaper than a Yeti and man does this thing keep the ice a long time.

Cant complain about the ugly crimson/white for only 20 bucks. Thanks for the steal

Let us know if they actually ship…

I got a confirmation email that my order has shipped for the $19.99 crimson and white cooler. I will update again once it arrives.

Both mine shipped this morning, tracking numbers and all.

I too, have a tracking number for my $20 cooler. I didn’t think it would happen.

Finally got my shipping info on the $20 cooler. I was worried for a spell after seeing a few of the others got their info. I should have it Saturday.

Still preparing for shipment. This is like BoC disappointment. :wink:

My cooler arrived last night. The packing slip said i got a blemished one. I see no blemishes.

Just got the cooler this morning… Seems pretty slick. I’ve never had one of these Yeti or Orca coolers, but it seems nice & solid. I think I’ll fill it with ice and check it in 3 days… just for shiggles.

My order got cancelled.
They claim the product sold out. I find that very hard to believe. Gave me a $5 coupon that expires in a month - yeah, I would have rather had the cooler…

I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m going to reach out to my connections at Customer Service and try to figure out if I can get you any more details about the situation. I will send you a PM with what I find out.

Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to hear more about why some orders shipped but mine was cancelled.

got shipping confirmation today - 24.7 lbs to be delivered tomorrow.

Received a refurbished crimson and white Orca cooler today. Cant complain for $26 after shipping and taxes. Thanks Woot for standing by what was most likely a pricing error. Its better than any value than I have gotten with a BOC. It was also just as exciting waiting to see if I would actually get the item at such a discounted price.

How can these still be shipping out when I was notified a week ago that my order was cancelled because they didn’t have any left???

I’m really sorry for your experience. It sounds like they were oversold, so some orders did go through. :confused: You’re welcome to send a message to CS to confirm, though.

Crimson & White delivered today.
Wow! very nice.
Thanks Woot!

I would keep pushing for your order. They clearly were not oversold as they are selling them again in the sport.woot.com Odds & Ends.