ORCA Extra Heavy Duty Coolers

Seems we are seeing these types of coolers under different names more and more. Historically, when high end items like these show up on shelves at WalMart, prices start falling (no pun there) and they become knockoffs of the original brick of plastic with enough space inside for a sandwich. But bears be damned. And same for the ice. Tough it says 10 days. Seems from I’ve read about these coolers, this one has one of the best times, but more like 6-7 days. Did I mention these bad boys are heavy? The 75qt comes in at 35lbs dry. Load it up and your pack mule will not be happy unless you bring some extra juice boxes along to share (with the mule)

Here’s a review of some of the these monsters. This one got tops ratting. I’m sure Yetti will come out with a “consumer” lower end line to survive.

Also, just for my clarification, can you define blemished???

Sorry, I can’t offer you any further details about the condition of these coolers. If we knew what the specific cosmetic issues were for each of these items we would detail it in the description.

Anyone special we need to contact if the cooler is not functionally right (in terms of seal) upon arrival?

If the product arrives damaged you can contact our customer service department.

Awesome. Have dealt with your customer service before and it was a easy, pleasant experience with fast replies. Cooler bought!