Order confirmed yet cancelled after a week!!!!!!

So, I ordered a bed from Woot. I was waiting for long time to get it delivered. Once the delivery date was passed, they cancelled my order!!! And I don’t wan’t refund, I want the bed that Woot confirmed to deliver!!!

I’m very sorry. I’ve looked at your order and we are oversold. This can happen if the inventory count is off or items are unsellable (damaged).

Again, I’m very sorry.

I don’t believe it! Amazon still has it in stock!

We are only allowed to move over a certain number of items of Amazon inventory. We’re not selling their inventory directly. We basically buy it from them so there’s a limited number based on how many we moved over to sell.

Why was my order confirmed then! If you can confirm it you should be able to deliver it!

When you placed your order, we had X number available to sell according to Amazon inventory count.

When they went to pull order, they were either not there, damaged, or something. We don’t have control on how Amazon warehouses pull orders. I’m sorry.

Also, keep in mind we’re an independent subsidiary. We don’t mix inventory.

If you really wan’t to fulfill the confirmed order you would have got one extra from Amazon inventory instead of keeping the customer waiting for almost 10 days and later cancelling the order.

I’m just a member, but a happy member. I think you need to understand that Woot! isn’t quite like an ordinary store. Sometimes we score fanatastic deals. Sometimes things happen. Woot! operates very thinly and doesn’t keep spare inventory to cover issues. We members roll with the issues. For the kind of guaranteed service you are wanting, you need to go to regular stores and pay full retail. The mark-up to full retail is what covers the store sometimes getting stuck with the left-over extras they have to maintain to meet your expectations.

Those leftover items sometimes find their way here and we get them for great prices. And sometimes things don’t go quite right and the transaction fails.

I accept the chance of things not going perfectly in exchange for great bargains when everything works. $1 for a pound of great coffee last week! And appreciate the sheer fun of this place.

A grandson just stopped by my house on his way home for college spring break. He does like to visit me, but I know perfectly well there was added inducement from my telling him I had a new Bag of Crap and he could prowl through it. We had a good visit and he happily carried off several items from the BOC. I’ve found BOCs are even better lures than grandma cookies.

You might find this place could work for you, but you’ll need to understand the differences. You have to occasionally roll with an issue. But at least to me there is much more I genuinely appreciate


Woot should place an Amazon order and put the user’s delivery address in. Easy.

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At least I didn’t expect this with my first ever order! And does it take 10days to inform that your order has been cancelled? I placed the order on March 3 and it was supposed to be delivered on March 11. They didn’t even had courtesy to inform that your order has been cancelled because of XYZ issue. Only after when I enquired about the order on March 11 EOD, they said not to worry sometimes it takes time and you will get delivery as promised. Next day I login to my account and I can see that they had refunded my money and didn’t even inform that they cancelled the order. If this is the way it works, I won’t use it again!

They confirmed receiving your order. Hilariously, their risk of loss provision states that even if you don’t receive anything they can keep your money.

I have made a large number of orders from Woot and I’d say like 10% of transactions have complications. Although, I mostly purchased discounted event items because if I wanted to pay retail price I wouldn’t buy from a company with so many random suppliers. I received too many non-working and mislabeled items. I purchased 10 plastic tubs and received 1. They sold regular boots as steel toe, etc.

Edito: looking at my orders, I exaggerated at 50% error rate lol. Anyway another thing I found is that if you buy multiple count from the same listing you can receive items in different packaging.

But how will they return it when Amazon messes up the order?

Interesting point. I’ve certainly had messed up Amazon orders. Most recent one was supposed to be a pack of 6 batteries. One battery arrived. Amazon did make good on the transaction, sending the other 5.

But then there was the gift book I had send to a nephew. He insisted it never arrived, so I went for a replacement or refund. About the time the replacement showed up, another person in the nephew’s family “remembered” he’d brought in an earlier package. I paid for both and had them donate the spare to the local library.

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There’s no consistency with Amazon shipping.
I have a monthly order of cat treats. Sometimes they come in a box, sometimes in an envelope, never the same size twice. The ones that came yesterday were in a broken jug in an envelope. If I lived closer to a store that sold them I’d cancel that subscription.

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Books always came wet during the winter. I stopped ordering them.

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You get it, very wooty!

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