Order issue [resolved]

Why is it so hard to get ahold of ANYONE from customer support? Woot’s phone numbers don’t work and they rarely answer emails! This is unacceptable!

Hi there. I agree our phone call-back is flakey but they always answer emails. It will go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login if used/different.

Allow them about 24h to respond. Maybe a bit longer over the weekends.

Make sure you check your spam folders.

PS: I do see that you were refunded for a recent purchase earlier today.

Yeah that’s the problem. My order sat in limbo status for 8 DAYS while you sold out! I watched your stats the entire time. This is unacceptable. You need to make this right. I did not request nor want the refund, I want the item I ordered. If you oversold them, then you need to send the next highest available item.

Hi there. That item was fulfilled by Amazon. We can’t control the order in which they fulfill orders or when they do so. Unfortunately, this shows out of stock so it’s likely Amazon would have been returning an error on the order soon. I’m sorry.

I talked to Amazon and they couldn’t find the order at all. The item WAS NOT out of stock when I purchased it, you continued to sell them after I purchased it and then sold out. It wasn’t until I sent the original email about it that I ever heard anything from you guys in the first place. If I hadn’t sent the email, I’d still be waiting.

I need a phone number and an extension for someone to talk to. An extension for someone at the Carrollton office, I assume. The operator extension doesn’t work.

Thsts because you ordered through woot, not amazon. Amazon only fulfilled it.

Phone service is available through call-back via the support form when available.

phone service is NOT available through the support form. I’ve tried that too, it doesn’t work, it gets halfway through the “welcome” message and goes dead, every time.

The fact of the matter is you sold something, then left that order hanging and sold out. You need to make this right. I did not ask for a refund, I asked for the item I ordered.

I don’t mean to be obstinant, but this is insanely frustrating. My order sat in your processing for over a WEEK while you kept selling those items.

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Out of stock happens sometimes. It could be a miscount of inventory, damaged product, etc. we simply do not have the item to fulfill the order.

Please reach out to CS via the support for further assistance.

And yes, our phone system is a bit flakey. Make sure you turn off spam protection on your phone before trying it.

But it’s none of those, you continued to sell the product AFTER I purchased it and then sold out.

I’ve TRIED reaching out to CS. No one is there apparently. Noone answers the phone, it’s not a matter of being flakey, they don’t work. It’s not a matter of emails going to SPAM, they’re NOT SENT.

Are you still there?

Yes but I don’t have any further information. I’m asking CS to give me the dates you were emailed. I’m waiting for their response.

thank you, and I understand that you’re just the middle-person, so to speak, but you’re the only person I have. Can you ask CS for a direct number? edit I would happily make this their problem instead of yours

Customer service does not have a direct incoming line. The only phone is through the support form as I mentioned earlier.

Make sure you don’t have a spam/ad blocker software on your phone. This has been reported to cause issues.

I don’t have any ad blockers on my phone and the call comes through initially just fine. But during the welcome message, the line goes dead.

As far as the dates, I made the purchase on Feb 19, I received two emails on that date, one from Woot saying thanks for the order, the other from Amazon Pay confirming my payment to woot. The next email from Woot in reference to this was the email about the refund AFTER I sent the email to woot.

I’ve tried the automated call form again. I got a call, it made it all the way through the message this time to the classical music, then went dead, presumably when someone picked up, I don’t know. If I can’t call them, can they call me?

So CS did respond to tell you they refunded your order. The reason being that there was no inventory to fulfill your order. It’s regrettable but there’s nothing more we can do. We do not have the inventory.

As to why it took that long, Amazon has yet to return the error on the fulfillment which is what we wait for to do automatic refunds.

I’m sorry for the poor experience.

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Ok, got in touch with someone in CS. You have an email coming to you in a bit.

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