Order not processed?


Hi there!

I’m trying to order this vacuum, and I’m not so confident that it went through. The order shows in my history with a status of “Not Yet Shipped”, but a few issues I’ve had with the order process:

  1. The processing page has been stuck for 15+ minutes
  2. I never got a confirmation email
  3. Last wooter to woot didn’t change before/after my purchase
  4. After a large amount of sales in the 7AM hour, so far there is nothing in the 8AM hour. Lots of other products are showing/updating sales stats.

Is there something going on with this item, or am I just being impatient?


I see the order in your account from this end. I think your good to go.

PS: Devs are looking into stats not updating


Just now processed, stats have been working for a little bit. All is good it Wootville. <3