Order processing for 12 hours

Hi. Last night I placed an order and was directed to a screen explaining that my payment was being authorized and inventory checked, and that it should take 2 minutes. No big deal. I never received a confirmation though and this page seemed to be overstaying its welcome of a couple minutes. After half an hour or so I sent a message to customer service requesting guidance and haven’t heard back… It’s now been about 12 hours and I’m still receiving this screen. The order appears on my account as “processing.” Is this typical for Woot and I’m just being impatient? Or do I need to try canceling the order and ordering it again? Normally I would just wait it out but it seems a bit silly to do on a website with time sensitive deals with limited stock.

Ok. So customer service typically takes between 24 and 48 hours to respond.

Did you check your order history, bank balance, or receive an email confirming the order?

If you’ve got the confirmation then your order went through and it’s processing. That means Doug is finding the item to ship it to you. It would be safe to close that authorization page.