Ordered a Stereo receiver was shipped a camera


Hello woot community,
Since woot seems unable to help me track down my order I’m reaching out to you. I’m curious if any of you were expecting a go pro like digital camera and to your surprise opened a box much larger than you were expecting containing a stereo receiver?

Disappointed in Seattle


Do you have a confirmation for the intended item?


Yes I do.


Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem. I can see on the tracking info that the weight is wrong for a receiver. I’m reaching out to CS to see what we can do.


Thank you. If you look at the page attached to my order it shows I was the first sucker. I have the confirmation messages telling me I purchased the product. That it was shipped and that a receiver arrived. The system thinks it was shipped to me.


Hi there. Checked in with CS. They’ve sent you a couple emails and have refunded you in full. Unfortunately, we don’t have any replacements. :frowning: