ordering two shirts

I want to buy two different shirts but I see no way to add more than one shirt to an order at a time - or up to 3 of the same shirt but not two different shirts… no shopping cart it seems… am I missing something?

Nope. Woot’s shopping engine is designed for “a deal a day”, up to 3 of the same item, so there is no shopping cart.
For shirts, there is no extra charge for shipping unless you want them fast, so just make multiple purchases and…buy with confidence.

<-- Canadian. So its not free shipping… If I buy 3 of one shirt the shipping is the same as one… but if I buy 2 different shirts using different transactions then I pay double…

I’m not happy about that.

Oh…yeah, sorry there just isn’t a way around that unless maybe you ask service@woot.com for a little help.

I just emailed them… I hope their quick, one of the shirts I want is today’s deal.