Orders showing cancelled as I place them?

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m placing orders and they’re canceling as I place them. I just want my stuff but it’s selling out now. All my info is correct.

Are you getting a message saying “Payment Denied”?

I’ve had that happen before. If you clear your cache and restart your device, it should start working again. Or sign into Woot through an incog window or different browser.

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No it’s only doing it when I have the ring doorbell 2 in my cart. I was able to place an order for another item without the doorbell in my cart.

Are you logged in on a phone or on a PC?
At approximately the very last step in the checkout process (on my phone) I get an animated screen explaining something about “hang on while we check your payment” - and payment is processed Right Then (I see the account access payment-notification happen with another app on my phone). THEN I get another screen saying something like “we’ll get right on that” etc.
So they immediately transfer money from your account balance to cover your charges. That’s ALMOST the only place where anything will cancel automatically…
Just saw your info about this only happens with a Ring Doorbell in your “cart”. If you’ve confirmed your account can cover the item cost, this MAY be something in the item background setup (the post often says something about places an item cannot be shipped (?) for example). Good luck.

Not sure what’s going on. I went ahead and sold out the offer. There was only one left and looks like there’s an issue.