Oreck RU41T XL Signature Plus II



Anisa is peddling this vacuum. She loves it.

She showed me why I don’t want a bagless vac (bullshit i want a bagless)


I can’t find any reviews on this Dyson model. Help?


These have better brush agitation than the lower model number dysons, but they still suffer from that lousy bag. Bagful vacuums generate suction by blowing air through the bags like a filter. As the bag fills and the walls of the bag become encumbered with dust, you loose suction. The bagful vacuum sellers will try to tell you these vacuums make less of a mess when you empty them, but they can still pollute your air just as much as the bagless kind. I’d pass this up and I’d skip the older dysons too. Go for a newer model dyson with good agitation and bagless design says I.




Good stuff, thanks.


Got a c41 and absolutely happy with it. I’m done with bag vac.


I have this vac or a close model. Paid more so this is a good deal. I also like my vacuum. Cleans well, gets under the bed and my floor and the dirt could care less about what brand I have. It works and was worth the money. That is all that matters in my book.


$100 for an Oreck is a really good deal. If you buy them new, Oreck usually provides a free 1-year supply of bags, but bags on eBay cost almost nothing (a dozen for $20 bucks will last most people a year)

I’ve always preferred bag vacuums. No filters to replace, they are definitely cleaner to empty, I’ve never had a bag ‘explode’ and they always have more suction, even when the bag is almost full. It’s just simpler to maintain.

Remember, ALL vacuums have parts that need replacing, and these parts always cost more than bags. My last vacuum had two filters that needed to be replaced every 6 months at $14 for the canister filter and $9 for the HEPA filter. The canister filter was ‘washable’ but it just mildewed if you did that.


Okay, I have had an Oreck for about ten years, and we bought a Dyson, on Woot, about a year ago. The Oreck is MUCH better than the Dyson in every way.

The bag is very easy to change and quite inexpensive. It is much cleaner than the bagless Dyson.

The Oreck is lighter, more maneuverable, cleans much better, and is a breeze to take out and use. Vacuuming is much less of a chore. As for quality, ten years, and it works as wonderfully as a new one!


According to today’s price at amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Signature-Plus-II-Upright-Vacuum/dp/B0043VR95G) it’s $119 refurbished, $239 new. A top 500 reviewer there gave a detailed 3-star review. According to him, its lightweight, very maneuverable, and has a long and heavy duty cord. But its noisy, with tiny wheels that make it difficult to push around, and has “edge suction [that is] is truly abysmal”…


having had a dyson and an oreck, and several other bagless and bagged vacs - there are good and bad designs for each regardless of price.

that said, i found even the better bagless designs just didn’t cut it for my type of cleaning (includes pets, coarse and fine debris, etc) - emptying the debris was never enough… i had to disassemble it to clean the filter/mesh/whatever they used. I went back to bags, and i find the oreck to be one of the neater solutions… snaps in place, flap opening, and very little chance of mess unless you let it get overfilled. I’ve never had a bag explode in any of my vacuums. I’d suggest either cheap bags, or inappropriate debris (ie: if you’re sucking up sharp gravel - get a shop vac…) as the cause for those whoa are.

This is a good price if you only want the upright.


I agree. My first real job while I was still in school was cleaning an elementary school and we used Oreck vacuums very similar to this.

These vacuums are super light, and designed for professional cleaning services. You won’t have an issue carrying them up the stairs with one finger, they are so light. They maintain power and could stand up to cleaning up kids messes every day for years.

Dysons may have brilliant marketing, but they are born out of the door to door vacuum sales of your grandparent’s time: They offer needless features and are over priced. These Orecks were made for professional cleaning crews and are extremely reasonably priced.


Had an old Oreck and didn’t think about it at all. It vacuumed just fine. Lost the base plate in a move. Cost $50 to replace. Got rid of the vacuum instead, not realizing how expensive Orecks were. Bought all sorts of vacuums since then: bagless Dyson, Eureka Pet Boss, etc. They all worked fine for a up to a year and then not so much. Regretted for years getting rid of the Oreck. Today’s Woot was a great opportunity to make up for my mistake and go back to an Oreck. Thank you Woot.


Bare floors or carpet? Does this baby have a stronger suit either way?


(gonna say it)

I heard this vacuum sucks.

{bah-dum Chhh!}


I hate, hate, hate my current vacuum. A four star rated Oreck at Amazon beats my one star disaster any day. And at $100 it can’t be beat. I’m in!


First, Dyson has a really cool English Designer, and when he talks, everyone gets caught up in his proper english and believe he’s right. He is, his patented system is cool as hell. That’s where it stops. Try luggn’ that load up the stairs or moving it around…if everyone had a Dyson, we wouldn’t be the fattest country in the world. Oreck is Lightweight, JUST as powerful as a Dyson and the dust bags are easy to use and bio degradable. The power of the this unit pulls itself, so the small wheels really don’t matter, I don’t know what that other guy is talking about. I have 2 Orecks. One base cheapy and a heavier duty one, they work great, and if they lose power or crap out, you bring them in to the store and get them fixed. It’s like owning a car, not like owning a Iphone. They aren’t disposable. You just get them fixed and they work like new. Nuff Said!


We have had an Oreck (similar model) for years now. I think there is no comparison especially when you factor in how light the vacuum is. Think that’s not a big deal? If you have a two story house like we do, it becomes a real big deal. Dragging it up and down becomes less of chore. You’ll find yourself vacuuming more, which is the point. The bags are easy to replace and ‘seal’ when you remove them keeping dust to a minimum. I’ve found you can buy the bags cheaply over at Woot’s parent’s website (A to the Z). You can stop by your local Oreck store once a year for a nice checkup and cleaning for free. This is a great price on a great vacuum. The Dyson is a nice machine too, but much too heavy IMHO.
Most Orecks are still made assembled in the good old USA (at least the uprights).


Had an Oreck for yrs, best vac ever.