Oregon Scientific 3D Massager Seat



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Oregon Scientific 3D Massager Seat
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $26 Two-Day OR $28 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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No. :bs:


Do people actually buy these things??


But it’s massages are scientific!


I like a massage, but those damn glasses are just uncomfortable. Still, I guess it beats a two dimensional massage.


Whoever you are, noob, I doubt you got your answer, so I am pasting it here:

soloroy wrote:Quick questions.

What is the Brigade of Campers all about?

I always used to help new people…I’ll help you. It’s a box of stuff that includes at least three bags of some sort (although you used to actually have to buy three…now it’s automatic). Some people got crappy stuff (actually fun sometimes) and other people got amazing things (I’ve had more than 30 and had a roomba, a printer, etc.). I can’t really tell you what they send now. However, unless they changed the rules, at least one person gets something truly amazing, like a huge T.V. or $1200 worth of a washer/dryer, front-loading combo.

Anyway, if you’re lucky, the thing is that you post pics.



Not a snowball’s chance.


What’s with 3D? Anybody tried a 2D massager?


They are also 3D!!!


Finally, the engines of Science and Industry, brought to bear on the troubling problem of Seat Massagers.

Too many of the ones in the past were the old 2D massagers, which meant they were only effective on animated characters and cut-out figures.

Looks like they skipped right over HD and went straight to 3D. And I say, about time, Scientists.


Had no clue you were still around!


Any reviews? How is this price?


Do you need passive or active 3D glasses for this? I hate my glasses having to be recharged mid-movie.


Just troll more than post now. W00T has changed so much and so few people I recognized anymore I just pretty much gave up. It’s really good to see you though! :wink:


I do not have this brand, but I do have an almost identical (black) one. For me, this thing is a miracle. I have a horseback riding injury from years ago that causes my right shoulder to get tight from time to time. The pain, if untreated, goes straight from my shoulder to my head/face and down to my hip and wrist.

I paid a lot of money for massages and finally thought I’d try one of these. It does a good enough job and is way cheaper. It’s not as good as a professional massage but it is certainly cheaper and does the trick for me. I’ve had mine for about 4 years and use it about once a week. Still going strong.


Wondering just how many of this kind of thing I have in my basement/garage.

Oh for human hands!


Only 3D???


I’m holding out for the 3D-HD massager!


I’m probably not first, but I was busy helping a noob. Does anyone else think that 3D sounds like a strange (okay, happy to some people) toy? Yes, you know which kind.


What if I like 2D? Is there a toggle switch or something?