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Heart rate monitor: Anybody know if this also keeps time? Lol Kinda like one that can do that too.

If you look at the manual, it shows that it can tell time and date/day.

I was looking for the actual size of the Oregon Scientific Bar1000A Diamond Weather Station. I went to their site, and couldn’t find this model. I then went to Amazon and was able to find out a lot of useful info on it. It has great reviews, so I’m in for one. It’s around $20.00 less here on woot!, so it’s definitely a great deal.
I hope the following info might help anyone who might also have some questions about it.

Amazon.com Product Description

This weather station not only provides climate information, but it also functions as a piece of art, integrating Swarovski crystal elements into familiar weather symbols for forecast display. From Oregon Scientific, the Crystal Weather Station anticipates future weather by illuminating the appropriate crystal symbol in colored light. The red sun signifies sunny, blue clouds represent cloudy skies, and green raindrops predict rain. Additionally, the weather station monitors the indoor climate and provides accurate time via radio communication with the US atomic clock.

The diamond-shaped weather station is designed to stand upright on a tabletop. On its left side, the weather station toggles between the atomic time and indoor and outdoor temperatures. The user can manually toggle between the time and temperature information by waving a hand 1-1/2 inches over the top of the weather station to trigger the corresponding sensor. For outdoor temperatures, a THN132 remote sensor is included. The remote sensor communicates from up to 98 feet from the station base and assesses temperatures from -22 to 120 degrees F. For more accurate readings, shelter the sensor from direct rain and sun exposure. The weather station measures indoor temperatures ranging from 23 to 122 degrees F. Using the function buttons on the bottom of the weather station, the user can opt for Celsius display, manually set the clock, or select a time zone. Powered by a provided 5-volt AC/DC adapter, the weather station benefits from battery back-up with the separate purchase of three AA batteries. The sensor requires one AA battery to operate. A limited one-year guarantee covers this item. The weather station measures 4-3/5 inches wide by 2-1/5 inches deep by 7-1/2 inches high.

Product Description

BAR1000A Diamond Weather Station…Integrating dazzling Swarovski Crystal elements into a sleek display, the Crystal Weather Station is a most unique home accessory. Precise time and indoor temperature display makes this piece a sparkling addition to any home.

For the weather station it is recommended you place it by the window so that, in case of malfunction, you can automatically use the backup mode. For the backup mode to work just look out the window to see if it is sunny, cloudy or raining.

If one were a crazy swim coach that straps these on college students with irregular regularity , one would recommend extra elastic straps as the straps tend to dry rot after one season of use.

The Shiatsu-style Massager is a dollar more on amazon with free shipping. GG

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So this Shiatsu thing will massage my style?

Heart Rate Monitor: Does anyone know if this will hook up with my Nike+ running app? GPS version as well as the shoe sensor version.

as one who has owned this watch/HRM and had it last for about about a month before sending it back…I would say STAY AWAY FROM THIS WATCH!!! The good folks(at Oregon) in customer service were not exactly easy to deal with either as it applies to the warranty. Don’t believe anything it says about being water resistant…stay away…