Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual-Lens Action Cam

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Self-service gas stations are science fiction in oregon much like this crazy camera.

Check out this “good” review over at cnet.com and check out what LaptopMag.com has to say

I wonder how this would fair as a dash cam. Front and back recording at the same time.

I was wondering the same thing since I drive for a living, but 2 hours of battery life is sort of a downfall for me. Cool concept though.

It doesn’t inspire confidence when their own videos seem mostly NOT captured with the camera they’re trying to sell you.

And as far as a “dashcam”, given that more recent, purpose-designed units that have two cameras get mixed reviews, I’d be surprised if this did well in that application. Certainly it seems like it would be difficult to make out license plates and such.

Am wondering the same thing. I don’t know why these manufacturers don’t make these cameras dashcam ready. For example, auto on/off, auto delete old video clips.

you might be able to charge it through your car charger with an inverter.

2 lens…one to keep on the road and one on Mr Officer when you get pulled over.

Why would you need an inverter? Seems like a USB car charger would work.

True story. I’ve not pumped my own gas in 10 years.

I found this video review, which is actually shot using the camera, so you can get a feel for what the video looks like. Pretty nifty.

I was just about to write the same thing! Sell me the HiDef, single lens camera that made the video.

Now it no longer matters whether I know. I can record my coming and going at the same time and figure it out later.

This would be great for my RC plane setup. I currently have my FPV camera for flying, and a Swann Freestyle, and an 808 keychain cam facing backwards.

It would be helpful if their stupid promo video didn’t wait 45 seconds until the first actual dual screen shots…

Skip to 45 seconds into the video if you want to see video captured with the camera.

As for dash cam, you could film the road and the passengers, provided you have the storage and power. Might be useful in a cab or something. Haven’t looked but will it charge and record simultaneously?

I watched this video and it seemed pretty good quality. I cannot see any complaints with the video. Might be nice to have something on me when I run/bike to see traffic coming and going. Too many near misses, one actual accident not to try this out.

Oregon Scientific is a curious company that does not make their stuff (as usual!) but seems to be a bit more careful with what they pick from the Asian trade shows.

They had a credit-card camera and several others that were certainly not “me too” products such as those lousy keychain cameras that EVERYONE sold for $10.

I’m not saying these guys are great, but they seem to have a slightly more interesting line of cheap imports.