Oregon Scientific Atomic Outdoor RF Wall Clock


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Oregon Scientific Atomic Outdoor RF Wall Clock
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Oregon Scientific Como Atomic Outdoor RF Wall Clock - JM888A

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ugh. i like my outdoor rf wall clocks with weather abilities. no thanks.


hmmm. this clock seems kinda small, i think it may be hard to see if it is hung on a wall. it is only 12" tall…


But does it have any holes or mounts to mount it on a wall?


this is nice for an outdoor clock.

I’ll have to check this out later today if it’s not sold out.

too bad about the smart post for all you guys that don’t live mere miles from New Berlin, WI!


Amazon has a nicer one for the same price for the next hour


Hmmm. Kinda ribs … especially if you hate your neighbors and initiate the chime feature…


Is the date format backwards!!!..


I paid $15 for my atomic radio clock at a brick and mortar store.



Very nice, except for the color. Ugh!


Battery life?


Personally I have noticed Oregon Scientific Products for myself seem to eat battery life, But again that was for indoor/out door devices. Anyone have personal experience on how long on average the batterys will last ?

Also How will this do in cold weather? Worried about it cracking.


Here is the product’s page at Oregon’s website, with the user manual. It’s $50 and sold out there.


today’s product description brought to you by psilocybin, the good mushrooms…


looks fun, but thats just cause i’m ocd about the time being right, maybe if its here in the morning, though i would probably use it inside since no where to hang it outside.


Perfect for by my pool. I’m in for one.


Seems to be a good price for an outdoor Atomic clock, except I am not accustomed to go outside just to see the time when my cell phone has a accurate time display.


this UV meter doesn’t look like CRAP (http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=1407356)!
looks good! if I needed a clock outside, I’d be in for two!

This would be great at a neighborhood/city pool! what with the UV Meter feature and whatnot (not to mention the clock feature…)


Clocks have been accurate to fractions of a second for decades. What’s the point of a few more billionths?