Oregon Scientific CF8410 HEPA Air Purifier

Oregon Scientific CF8410 HEPA Air Purifier

Common complaint is that you can’t find any filters for this thing anywhere.

I’ve seen a few posts that suggest this as a filter that works.

I was just going to ask how easy it was to get replacement filters and how loud is the unit?

It looks like these are listed as directly compatible

Bought one of these in January when they were on sale here and have been running it continuously in the bedroom ever since. Haven’t had to replace the filter yet but the one bowlingb linked looks exactly like the filter that comes with this unit so I imagine it’ll fit as a replacement just fine.

Noise level varies based on fan speed, there’s a low, medium and high and the noise level increases accordingly. It just sounds like a personal desk fan, it’s not overly noisy and hasn’t really interfered with trying to hear the tv, or someone talking, or falling asleep.

There are probably nicer or better units you could pick up, but this one has served my purposes just fine and so far I’ve been happy with it’s performance.

Does it come with the UV light? It says “optional” in the description.

Yes, it’s built in. Using it is optional.

For deeper cleaning, the air purifier contains an optional UVC light to kill the bacteria that it captures in the filter - without producing harmful chemicals!

This loks a lot like the Korean-made models I bought here. Compatible filters are on AMZ, so I suspect you will find some there. Most local storesjust have ones for the brute-force machines with the (former) Honeywell name on them.