Oregon Scientific Genoa Motion Activated Atomic Wall Clock



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Seven batteries? Wow!


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Oregon Scientific Genoa Motion Activated Atomic Wall Clock
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Oregon Scientific Genoa Motion Activated Atomic Wall Clock JMR868A


Great for a jail cell and a tennis ball.


This points contains a comment that is in no way constructive:
Waste of batteries!


how many motion detectors are included? up to 2 supported…

7 “AA” batteries. wow


I don’t see the need for a motion-sensitive lighted clock, unless the cat wants to know what time it is when he tries to shred the couch… It looks useful though for those that wake up early in the morning.


12.75L x 4D x 7.75H (in.) Big stinking clock. I might even be able to read it without my glasses when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Or not. Waving hello to a clock in the middle of the night just seems wrong, somehow.


hookup with motion activated camera for snapshot of time of fridgerator raids.


This clock doesn’t get signals from WWVB in Fort Collins. Instead it gets its signal from MSF in Rugby or DCF in Frankfurt. It you are intending to use this clock in the USA you will have to set the time manually.


It seems like you are right… The manual states that you can select EU or UK for the time.



Indeed, the manual further states: “ABOUT RADIO RECEPTION
This clock can automatically synchronize the date
and time with official time-keeping organizations in
Frankfurt (Germany) and Rugby (England). The unit
can pick up an RF signal when it is within 1500km (932
miles) of these locations.
To select the most suitable radio signal for your
location, slide the EU / UK switch to the appropriate
setting. Press RESET whenever you change the
selected setting.”


From Amazon re the same model:

"Amazon.Com Product Description
A wall clock, alarm clock and nightlight in one, Oregon Scientific’s innovative Genoa motion detection ensures you’ll never search for the clock as you enter a room again. When motion is detected in the dark, the nightlight and wall clock backlight temporarily activate for easy nighttime viewing. The clock automatically synchronizes itself with the US Atomic Clock and never needs adjusting for Daylight Savings Time. Time and indoor/outdoor temperature data displays on a large LCD screen for easy reading from across the room. The clock also features a month/day calendar. Choose between several display languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. "

Perhaps Oregon Scientific just didn’t post the manual for the USA version.


wait a second, I only did that once.

maybe if I had the lighted clock, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Eh, count me in for one.


link to product website:

product manual:


WM for $29.48

In for one


the motion detector is totally separate unit. i wounder how the whole thing will look on the wall.


I’d get one, but at 4 inches deep, i’m wondering how well it will actually hang on a wall. seems like it would stick out pretty darn far (4 inches, to be exact).