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Other sites show this with an AC adapter. Does this have the adapter with it?

Hi there. Which item?

Sorry -
[Oregon Scientific WR202 Handheld Emergency Alert Radio with Hand Crank and Solar Panelquote postid=“5620597” user=“ThunderThighs”]Hi there. Which item?


There are two versions of that from what I’m told. We’re selling the solar panel version so no adapter.

Is that “humdity” or “humidty”? I see both spellinx.

Ok - so, our daughter has asked for a weather alert radio for Christmas. Should we get 2 units, one with AC for having on all the time that “wakes” up when an alert goes on for her area plus one with a hand crank and solar panel for emergencies?
Seems like a lot of trouble to have both.

You are confusing two different things: no adapter included and AC powered. The AC adapter is sold separately but you could probably find a suitable one at your local electronics store. Just check the Oregon Scientific website for more information.

*From the WR202 Start Guide:
Your radio can be powered by alkaline batteries, hand crank, solar panel or AC adapter (not included). *

I’m sorry I bought this thing. No lighting and worse yet is a snow alarm that goes off every time it pass below 34.5F. I live in the high desert. It does that just about every night in the winter with perpetually clear skies. Last week it went off every hour most of the night as the temp fluctuated up and down through 34.5F. Can’t turn the alarm off. Ergonomics of this thing is horrible too. Buttonology is nonsensical. Good news is that it works. Going to banish it to a distant part of the house.

Never recieved this item, and woot (or should i say amazon) is dragging the feet.

Jeez, I’m sorry. I poked CS and let them know your order is MIA. You should hear back soon.