Organic Light Beam

Nah, pass.

Worst. Shirt. Ever.

What other shirts are you guys talking about? (im new to woot kind of)… Where do you vote etc…

Cool thanks… Ive been wondering how people know which shirts may be coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this one.

Agreed fully.

If this were higher up, bigger, and different colored, I’d so be in. I like the whole intricate swirl type things.

PS, I did not think you w00ters could tie this shirt, too, to penises, but I was thoroughly proven wrong :-p


Another Night
Another Shirt
Another Disappointment

Have you guys thought of dropping the R in shirt.woot?

This placement of the design ruins it.

ah, the shirt comp had the design higher up –
they must’ve just used the ai file for the picture.
I will speak to woot tomorrow - sorry about the placement for now.

They did the same thing with the jellyfish shirt. It does look better higher up so I hope you get it straightened out but it’s still a nice design. Congrats.

To all the haters, it did get second place in one of the derbies so quite a few people must like it.

why is there a shirt woot on saturday?

ALRIGHT A NEW SHIRT…wait…isn’t it Saturday…the government must have abolished weekends.

It looks like the flashlight is farting or throwing up


Is there a drug reference in this shirt? I’m naive.

I confirmed with the printer earlier today that the longest wispy bit will be about .5 inches from the collar. The placement here may not show it the best, but it will be as high as possible considering it’s an almost 17 inch tall print.

That depends. Are you a small woman?

The women’s shirts are cut differently and would probably look silly on any man, if that’s what you’re asking…?