Organic Vanilla Protein Drink, 12 Pack

Organic Vanilla Protein Drink, 12 Pack

Expiration date?

Serving size 1 carton. Servings per container 4?

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I am also wondering about that conflicting carton information regarding serving size. If each carton is 11 fluid ounces and there are four servings per carton, that would mean a serving size is meager 2.75 fluid ounces. Corroboration/clarification please.

I’m assuming that label is from a box of 4 individual cartons, hence why it says there are 4 servings per container. But, I agree… some clarification would be good.

On the label, right next to Serving Size: 1 carton, it says 11 ounces which is the size of the shake. One look at their web site and you can see that these are sold in packs of 12 or packs of 4. The label is likely from a four pack.

Answers to questions

Each case is 12 bottles
Each bottle is 11oz.
The 12 bottles are packaged into three 4-packs

Expiration Date is 7/29/2020

I buy a 12 pack of equate protein shakes every 2 or 3 weeks from Walmart for about $15. They’re the store brand of Premier Protein. I don’t think this is a very good deal.