Organize Your Fridge

Wow - great sale!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Woot Plus sale offering so many products I could save a penny apiece on!!!

Hi Bruce,
You made me laugh so hard I almost covered my iPad with the Coke I was drinking…
Thank you! :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

I was so excited to put some of these items on my bridal registry (I LOVE to organize!). I received one. And returned it. They’re pretty useless, and you can find items that serve the same purpose at the dollar store. Also, a soda organizer that holds 9 cans? A 14 count egg holder? I’ll be sure look for the 9-count soda packs when next at the grocery store!

These are likely designed to let you store a 6 pack or dozen of eggs with the remainder of your previous purchase.

Not everyone always waits until they run out of something to buy more.

Uh-huh…so what do you do if you have four eggs left from a previous purchase, or you buy a 12-pack of soda?

Sorry, I agree with the earlier poster…a14-egg container makes about as much sense as, oh, I don’t know…a 9-can soda holder…

Because taking the eggs out of the cartons they’re purchased in and placing them in a larger container will help me organize things better? Or taking the cans out of a 12-pack that already has a cutout to allow for easy dispensing will help me organize better?

If an overabundance of cans, in particular, is causing a disorganization problem in your kitchen fridge, I’d personally recommend going to the “Mini Fridges” sale also currently going on in home.woot and buying a beer fridge for your living room. Beers cold, problems solved.