Organize Your Garage Kit, 29 Slatwall Storage Hooks & Accessories, White

No discussion yet? I for one took the opportunity to get some of the expensive fancy accoutrements for a great price. (Normally very expensive) Got mine yesterday. Fired up about the cord/hose holder and paper towel dealio. Needed more of the double hooks (4’ and 8’), always need more of those.

As for more attractive designer “Martha Stewart” style for these hooks and such, I’d say they look great. I don’t actually care in the garage, but in the new 4" slats I’ll be putting up in the laundry room, I’ll be sure to tell my wife they’re fancy designer hooks, so she’ll feel fancy using them!

Can’t wait to get my new 4" slats to add around the tighter areas of the house, in garage (need more!), basement, and laundry room. With this sweet deal, and by relying on various non-official-Proslat hooks I’ve found on Amazon, I’m going to be, without breaking the bank, the organization king. Bow to me!

Where’s that cool tool or supply I haven’t used in a year and we’re not sure if we even have it still? Got it right here!