Organize Your Garage

How do you store your things? In the garage, storage unit, or spare closet?

Are these things stackable if I don’t get the louvered panel?

Not sure if they are stackable, but the louvered panel has lips into which the back end of the bin fits. Hold your hands in front of you like an opera singer, one palm up with fingers curled, the other joining that one, but palm down with fingers curled. Yeah, you’re doing it! YOU’RE DOING IT!

Like that.

The pic from the manufacturer website looks like it!

EDIT: Oh, and the Woot description says so, too.

I like the choice of masculine colors for my garage.

Teal, purple, salmon, and baby blue…

I’m surrounded by these at work. I don’t want these anywhere near my house.

These bins are awesome. I have probably 50 Akro bins in my house of varying sizes - in the garage, my office, the pantry, the hall closet. They do stack easily on shelves. Since they have square sides, they are more volumetrically efficient than many other bin designs. Another feature is that the 11x11x5 is exactly twice the area of the 11x5x5 so you can mix them in the same area. I have a lot of these two sizes - 2 deep they fit perfectly on 24" deep shelving, which is also what a lot of garage cabinets are. I use them for hardware, batteries, chargers, cables, camera supplies, office supplies, computer supplies, candy bars, baking supplies - you name it. They’re industrial quality, relatively easy to wash, and basically indestructible. And these prices are very, very good. The colors - well - decide for yourself.

I love this reply so much.

Same here.

That’s what I was thinking, didn’t really like the color choice.

I actually need these for my new basement workshop. I didn’t know I needed these until I saw them listed here but what a great idea to organize all my stuff!

This really sucks that the wall plates are already sold out. Kinda makes the rest of the items useless. They should have listed more quantity of the wall plates and single strip hangers because I’m not gonna buy just the bins and try to find the wall plates for retail price at some big box store.

This would have been a great impulse purchase but if I can’t get the wall plates then the rest is just useless.



Woot faster next time.

$4 more after shipping.

^ this.

Stan from Akro-Mils here - Thanks Woot community for your support.

The louvered panels and rail systems can be purchased from any Akro-Mils distributor.

I might suggest you look here for louvered panels: Akro-Mils louvered panels on

Here is a link for the rail:
Akro-Mils rail for mounting AkroBins on

Let me know if I may answer any questions.

+1 Same here

And, these are better than the milk crates I “borrow” from work, how?


Wait a minute. If you’re a man, aren’t they blue, purple, red, and another blue?