Orgoglio Italian Trebbiano (6)

Orgoglio Italian Trebbiano 6-Pack
Sold by: AW Direct, LLC
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2014 Orgoglio Trebbiano

How about the size of the bottles woot? 375ml, 750ml, 1.5l (doubt it)?

Would be nice to have it listed ANYWHERE (as of 8:51 EDT am - missing)

Perhaps you need to drink some more of your coffee?

It’s always there if you look.

Has anyone tried this wine?

Any idea why this wine won’t ship to Colorado? Had a woot wine ship here last week, wth?

Each winery needs licenses for each state. Not all wineries pay the $$ and/or go through the hassle for every one.

Edit: but this is an international offer so what I said above doesn’t apply. In this case, CO has some issue with the shipping of imported wine or something along those lines.

Is there a link to the winery?

Not what you want, but here it is.