Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2005 Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel
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2005 vintage? None is listed.

“Picked: October 20–31, 2005”

edit: sorry, meant to also add that it was hidden in the description.

Where is my black tie?

I saw that which is why I asked specifically 2005. But it’s possible that some '04 and/or '06 was blended so there’s no stated vintage. You never know, you know. :wink:

Well, it’s hard to read the label on my monitor, but it looks like either 2005 or 2009, so…

edit: 2005 is now confirmed on Dan’s voicemail.

Trying to figure this producer out. Seems like some kind of negociant, just at the higher end of the market.

Found a short blogger review of this wine in relation to a food pairing:

Love to get some stats for this - TA, pH, Brix, residual sugar…

You’ve got 2 weeks to drink these according to the winery

Do I have a shot with Teri Hatcher if I join their wine club?


Just curious on how it works, but the company was founded in 2007 and this is (or at least there is) a 2005 vintage?

This winery is pretty cool. I am on their site now and they have a live chat with staff. I am talkin gto Danielle right now. Cool.

I just got the scoop from Danille, on their site: “Oriel isn’t a winery but a global wine brand. The Zin is made by Dan Goldfield, a part of the Dutton-Goldfield vineyards.”

this is true, and worth clarifying. according to Oriel website, it seems like a solamente 2005.

Also, the winemaker is stated as Dan Goldfield on the Oriel Site.
And then…here is short blurb from WE article discussing Oriel business model… John Hunt is the owner…

“John Hunt’s Oriel wines are made in 24 regions in nine countries.
Hunt spreads his risks across harvests, seeks regions with lower priced,
high quality grapes and uses economies of scale to reduce costs.
But unlike Ortega Fournier, who owns wineries in each country,
Hunt outsources nearly all his operations. He partners with well-known
winemakers in each of the 24 regions—and gives them autonomy to
source grapes and make the wine. The signature of each winemaker,
from John Duval in Australia to Philippe Melka in Napa Valley, is on the
back label. Hunt’s business model at Oriel also ensures that wine won’t
be produced at poor vintages.”


Dutton Goldfield

I removed the links to their 2005 Russian River Zin - it looks like it’s not the same.

any idea when it will ship? I’m gone the last week of the year. (ship to Calif.)

Is this wine compatible with Oriel Windows?

A big thanks to the lone CT reviewer. I would like to honor you with the Asshat award for providing such a wealth of information in your writeup consisting of the number “86.”