Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack



Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
3 2005 Oriel Hugo Russian River Valley Zinfandel

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It has begun.


Why, oh why, is there a wootoff when I just finished filing my taxes??



Oh, this is not good.


Dear WootGods, could you please make a twitter stream for just the wine woots during wootoffs?


Oh god… here we go.


Maybe I can’t afford to gargle with Cristal every night, but I can gargle with Crystal Lite.




Nubie here. What is a woot-off and should I be afraid?


And just as I filled my entire new wine rack and was so glad to not have boxes sitting around with wine in them!


Hide your wallet!


Be very afraid!

Kidding - in a Woot-Off, the “one deal a day” paradigm is scrapped for a series of deals that run until they’re sold out.

The last couple of Wine Woot-Offs have featured some outstanding offerings.


there will be several offerings over the next 1,2,or 3 days depending on how long it lasts instead of 1 offering per day. and most will be wines we will all want. so instead of possibly spending 30-100 / day at max via wine.woot, we run the risk of spending that same amount per 3-4 hours… and you won’t want to sleep, and you won’t want to go to work, afraid you will miss the one offering you really, REALLY want. :slight_smile:

edit - nightghost beat me too it.


I can never get to sleep during a woot-off wish i could some how pay to know what was coming up so i could get some shut eye…




Cool. Thanks. Will check in again in the a.m. that is, the real a.m., in a few hours.


Everyone, let me know which deals are good ones!

I have some money to spend



Just get them all and find out for yourself! You’re going to find people that will tell you every one (except maybe Chaucers) is good!


Oriel Founded: 2007

Grapes : 100% Zinfandel
Picked: October 20–31, 2005