Origami 3-Shelf Collapsible Rack, 2-Pack

**Item: **Origami 3-Shelf Collapsible Rack, 2-Pack
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New

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9/22/2013 - $69.99 - 29 comment(s)

I am a psychic. I predicted that this would be for sale today. I wanted it last time, and have been waiting for it to show up again. By the time I decided to pull the trigger, it was sold out.

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Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s learn more on the product page

Got one of these for plants I moved from outdoors to a well-lit entryway indoors. Very pleased with it. Looks good, solid construction, and it really does fold out, ready for use in a minute. Paid about $25 at the store and $12 for the wheels from Amazon.

In for one!

Bought. Now if only woot was offering the same twofer deal on the Origami R5-01W, I’d grab a couple of those too!

got 'em last time around
had to get a few more.

if you are on the fence - go for it.
quality and functional stuff right here.
highly recommended.

I was actually wondering what anyone would use these for. Not light enough to be really portable. The real actual field test suggests it for people who move a lot… if you move that much you’re couch surfing and don’t need or want a 20 pound rack; If you need a small rack that weighs 20 pounds then folding (and the lessening of structural strength) is generally pointless is what I was thinking.

Okay so spec say it will hold 250lbs per shelf without wheels…is the top considered a shelf too? So is max cap 750lbs?

I bought these the last time around and they are well constructed and sturdy enough for my needs. I like to detail cars and am constantly out in my driveway washing and waxing my cars as well as those of some friends and family. These carts are the perfect size for putting two car wash water buckets on the middle shelf. Supplies like sprays, brushes, etc. go on the bottom shelf.

The top shelf lifts up and folds down out of the way and is not used because the buckets would be too high (at least for me) if I put them on the top. I secure the soap and rinse buckets with bungee cords and it is a breeze to wheel the cart around the car instead of always having to pick up two heavy buckets of water and moving them around (if you’ve ever done two or three cars at a time you’ll know what I mean).

When I’m done washing and/or detailing I use the Origami as a drying rack for my towels. Then the rack is collapsed and I store it out of the way until the next car wash. At my age now this thing is a real back saver! Now to find a good use for the second one!!

I bought these a few weeks ago and found them very helpful when I sold at a community flea market last weekend. They fold flat and were easy to put in my car - they assembled easier than a card table - 1-2-3 - and they are extremely sturdy. I used them without the wheels as the ground was flat. Two thumbs up!

I bought two sets last time for my stepdaughter who is chronically unorganized (ok, so am I but she is worse!). Honestly, it was more complicated getting them out of the box then putting them together - super easy! She has already started using a space that previously almost unused in the laundry room because she can roll the shelf in and out. And as often as she “reorganizes”, she will be moving the shelves all over the house every couple of months. I highly recommend for anyone that has areas where you change your storage setup or someone that likes to completely change how your house is setup every couple of months!

I got these when Woot offered them before. Setup was fast and easy. In fact, it was easier and took less time that it did to remove them from the box. They are sturdy and the finish is attractive. Because my kitchen lacks storage space, I am using them to store pots, pans and other kitchen paraphernalia.

If I’m reading the description right on a…top competitor’s site, they offer ONE unit, not TWO. Even with free shipping from the competitor, WOOT’s offer is by far the better [awesome!!]value. And the wheels are included.

And why get expensive shelf liners when plastic cutting mats [$ stores have them 2/$] work perfectly for most items? (Those mats also work for all the vinyl covered wall shelving.)

WOW, WOOT, how DO you do this?

Any way you can best this offer with the larger sizes? Pllleeease,with sugar on top?

I got these the last time they were offered, and THEY ROCK! Purchased them for overwintering geraniums. The setup is near-brainless, they’re a great size for their purpose, the wheels make it easy to move them for vacuuming, etc., and the finish is actually nice enough I’m not embarrassed to have one in our living room. Super purchase for the money. DO IT!

These are brilliant. They pack in the car easy, and set up like a breeze. Went to a competition last week and set it up under our pop-up, had dozens of folks asking about the travel shelf. Very cool.

For those who purchased these previously, I’m thinking about using them to each hold 3 ten gallon aquariums. Are they study enough to hold the weight? I know it says 250 pounds per shelf and a full 10 gallon aquarium weighs in at just shy of 100 pounds, but some of the descriptions I’m seeing on other web retailers list the capacity as 250 pounds TOTAL, not just per shelf.

I’m surprised that they haven’t sold out yet. When Woot had these last time, they were sold out by now. I know because I wanted some but was too late.